WorkBook is a one stop solution for all the resource planning and various project needs of the business. It gives detailed, innovative and comprehensive overview of the firm’s operation. Thus, it largely helps in ensuring that the limited resources available to the firm are utilized in the most productive manner. It is basically divided in two major aspects, which are: Project management and financial management. Hence, WorkBook allows you to effectively take control of all the major processes of the firm with ease.

WorkBook allows firms to undertake effective work scheduling and resource management. There are various packages of WorkBook which adhere to various needs which vary according to the size of the business. These projects are divided in major categories. These include: Starter, Project, Business, Enterprise and Media. This shows that WorkBook is suitable for firms, irrespective of whatever size it may be. The number of features offered tends to vary from package to package. Each package contains some unique features, including that which is already offered in the package before it. You can easily upgrade or downgrade to any package according to your work requirements. However, if your needs tend to vary from the explicitly mentioned features of the current packages, then a customized package can also be built for your organization.

With the help of WorkBook, organizations can easily generate budgets for the coming year, months or even weeks. These budgets can also be evaluated against the business expenditures during that particular period of time. Moreover, it helps provide the best financial support in form expenditure follow up, supplier invoice handling and expense entries. This in return helps generate financial statements such as Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow statements and much more. The best part about WorkBook is that it doesn’t require a huge sum of investment. Organizations can rent the system and enjoy the facility of only paying for modules and services which they require. Thus, cost is largely minimized for the organization. Once you implement WorkBook in your organization, you will never have to worry about your resources being underutilized. This is because WorkBook helps you create a detailed schedule of all the employees and their respective commitments. Hence, at any point, you can easily determine which employees will be available for the future projects and when. Furthermore, it specifies the job of each individual in the firm against the respective deadline. This way, the managers and supervisors also determine the productivity of the workforce and figure out any problems which may be causing a delay in the work.

WorkBook is being effectively used by various renowned organizations around the globe. It undoubtedly provides great services in form of planning for the future, while keeping a track of all the historical data for further analysis. You can analyze the requirements of your organization and then choose a WorkBook package accordingly. It is a great tool which can help boost the overall performance of your business.

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