Squrl app for iPhone and iPad is video viewing app that lets users choose from a large gallery of video files, live streaming and podcasts. Squrl makes it possible for users to catch their favorite videos right on their mobile devices from anywhere. Videos from YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix and from other social networking sites can be watched through Squrl anytime. Users can view full song videos, live feeds, full TV episodes and the latest breaking news.

Squrl brings with it a broad range of channels for a personal and customized TV viewing experience for on-the-go users.  With the app there is the chance of watching a wide variety of videos and live TV. It is entertaining and fun, and you don’t require to pay any price for the app.


  • The Squrl app is compatible with iphone, iPad and iPod Touch and is optimized for iPhone 5. The app requires a minimum of iOS 4.0 and later versions.
  • Its latest release, version 2.7.1 has been designed by Squrl LLC.
  • The app allows users to search and watch their favorite videos from YouTube, Netflix and Hulu at one place through the app. Videos from the different subscriptions are brought under a single umbrella of video watching platform.

  • It occupies a space of 8.9 MB and is available in English.
  • Apart from watching videos, the app directs users to several Live TV channels like Bloomberg TV, This Week in Tech, NASA TV, Press TV, Huffington Post Live, France 24 and Home Shopping Network. This way the users get to catch live action from any place.
  • The app acts like a video search engine to suggest videos that users might want to watch. Often, previous search history is used for this purpose.
  • International breaking news and tech world news are supplied to users through the app.
  • The App enables users to watch Pay per View videos, sports and concerts. Through simple touch and play steps on their phones and tablets.
  • The What’s Hot section allows users to watch up-to-the-minute videos in the latest video ecosystem. This makes sure that users are able to find all releases and publications on their phone.
  • The Squrl app is integrated with Social Media which means that users can not only catch the video themselves but also share them with friends on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The app has its own internal network where users can also share what they’re watching.

Summary: The Squrl App for iPhone, iPad and iPod is one of the most useful of video watching platform for users of smart devices. It unifies all web videos at one place. It’s a free app and adds to the online video watching experience. Squrl is however suitable for users aged 12 and up due to the various nature of the videos available through the app.  The app is a one stop destination for web videos, live feeds and recordings.

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