History is boring. It is a remark that you’d have heard a million times in your high school. Almost everybody hates history; but why? Well, one of the obvious reasons is that there are so many dates, years and names to remember that it becomes a tonnage to lift on your head. Second, and the more important one, is that students don’t find a meaning to their learning. Their obvious question is, “What’d I get by reading all this?” At once, I think they’re right because we haven’t told them the right value their past holds in their futures. Therefore, we need to change their thinking and present history in the way it is. The way it changes the geography and demography of a nation is interesting to see and that’s how we should approach it. So our next chapter is Edinburgh, let’s make it interesting!


Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is quite popular worldwide and doesn’t need any introduction. But its past is as vague to our naked eyes as any other part of the world. Now this app called Timeline Trip Edinburgh has decided to unravel the glorious history of Edinburgh in its own fashion.


The app takes you through all the years, all the places, all the happenings and introduces you to people you’ve never heard about but who have had a certain influence on your life at some place. The app is not only about glorifying the victories and suppressing the defeats, but it’s more about how we reached the present Edinburgh. So it starts from early 1567 and takes you through all these years in the long stretch taking big leaps in-between.

The map-work of the developers is truly remarkable. They’ve plotted the entire Edinburgh from time-to-time and then highlighted the major places that you can pick and read. The maps have been drawn to perfection after consultation from the best tour guides in the city. Though the street-view is not available here, you can almost walk through the lanes and figure out how the city looked back then.


Do you know which monument is called “Scotland’s Disgrace”; if yes, then why so? Or do you know what happened in the Edinburgh Castle? These are the questions that will be answered here and each such answer has an interesting story related to it. So reading history isn’t that boring after all. Add to them hundreds of illustrations that’ll catch your imagination instantly. It’d be a tour fascinating and educational as well.

Using GPS, you can find yourself on the in-app maps and then find out what it was called before and what stood there before you. So it’s almost as if you’re re-living the entire era that is long gone. Isn’t it exciting!

So, Timeline Trip Edinburgh is an app worth your time. It comes for free in the App Store. Do check it out!

Pros: remarkable map-work; numerous fascinating stories; hundreds of illustrations; locate yourself using GPS; free.

Cons: none.

I give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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