Dual SIM smartphones are gaining in popularity today. All of us wish to segregate out personal and professional lives and these phones help us do the same. While they are pretty useful, they do not provide a complete segregation. Also, at times, we require more than just two SIM cards. An iOS app, Flyp, is here to sort out this issue for us. Flyp allows users to use up to 6 different numbers on a single smart phone.


It can be quite a challenge to separate our personal lives from our social lives and professional lives. With increased reliability towards our smartphones, it is our prime mode of communication with all those in our lives. With all calls and messages coming to the same number, things can get out of hand. Flyp aims to remedy this. It allows you to assign different aspects of your life to different numbers so that you can organize your life better. All this is done with a cool and stylish app that lives up to what it promises.


In terms of design, the iOS app scores really well. It comes with a fab looking interface that is easy to use and responsive both. Users will not have issues looking for what they need at any point of time. A bit of a bummer- at present, the app is available only for USA based numbers. The app signs you up based on your current phone number. Once it confirms your existing number, it will assign you a new number for Flyp. You may choose to assign it to a certain aspect of your life such as Work, social or assign it to a specific person. You can import specific contacts based on the usage of that number in your life.


The pricing scheme of the app is pretty reasonable compared to the cost of buying a new number. If you are unsure about the app, Flyp allows you your first number for free. You can try out the app with basic settings without being overly committed to it you get 100 minutes of calls, unlimited text messaging and basic voice mail along with the first free number. It’s just enough for you to judge if you would like to continue with the service in the future. If you do like the service and would like to acquire additional numbers, you can add them at the cost of $2.99 per month of $29.99 per year for each number. While this might seem a bit steep at first, it is quite good compared to the cost of adding a new line to your current US cellular plan.

In addition to the advantage of a new number, users also get a number of other useful features as part od the app. Some of the handy one sinclude quick reply options, personalized voice mail, 500 outbound calling minutes and more. If you are someone who likes to keep your life organized and draw a clear line between the different aspects of your life, Flyp is an app that you must try for sure.


Good: Personalized voice mail, quick reply options

Bad: Available only for USA numbers

Worth Having App – Download the App