Tarelcus SE is a game that would be loved by people who like playing maze type games. Maze type games demands immense concentration and skill to be successful in it. In that case, Tarelcus SE is definitely one game that will keep you on the edge all along. This particular iOS game is not totally new to us. It is something that we have been used to, with maze type games. But Tarelcus has its own uniqueness in terms of graphics used and the kinds of obstacles one has to deal with to get to the finish point. Though it is not the most challenging game that one would have come across, it is definitely one of the most interesting maze oriented games around.


To play Tarelcus you will need any of the iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, etc. It is also compatible only with iOS 4.3 or later version. Also the new updated version of Tarelcus seems to be even better than the earlier version.

How to play?

Tarelcus SE is not a game which takes time to understand in terms of how to play the game. You can just hit the play button and start playing. Well the task is very simple. All you need to do is take a flying saucer across all the obstacles and reach the finishing point which is a black hole. The obstacles come in the form of electric grids, other obstructions and some UFO’s. When it comes to the main obstacle electric grid, you should make sure you don’t touch it; otherwise you will lose one life. Once you manage to go through all the obstacles and reach the finishing point, you will gain the ticket to the next level. The best thing about this particular maze game is that, it keeps your interest high all the time. That is because, each level will test your skills and the difficulty level will increase stage by stage.

This is one game that requires you to be skilful, quick, patient and smart. One thing is for sure; once you start playing this game you will never stop playing it. It is surely one addictive game that will keep you engaged all the time. That sis imply because of the challenges you will have to go through in each level. It will also do you a huge favour in increasing your concentration levels.


Tarelcus SE is one game that parents should encourage their children to play. It will help the children to improve their concentration levels and in fact it could help them do better in their academics.


On the other hand Tarelcus is surely not the game for serious gamers. Some people who would like to play some highly adventurous game can give this a miss.


On the whole, Tarelcus SE is one game that will be your top pick for killing time. It will just keep you hooked into it and forget what’s happening around.

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