It is discussed that the cameras on the new iPhones are far better than ever before and good work with advanced features of AI-powered algorithms that worked perfectly to your shots. If you have photographic know-how, you might wish app like Halide, which is pragmatically designed to allow you to push the cameras to the limit.

They also support all the latest features of Apple’s new iPhones, comprising the iPhone 12 Pro’s ProRAW format, which is perfect for taking your photography to the next modern level. Thereby with an annual subscription, it’s not free but uses many features and is big on iPhone photography, it’s worth the cost.

Important Features of Halide Mark II – Pro Camera

  • Attractive, intuitive gesture-based interface, usable with one hand
  • You can take portraits of pets and objects on iPhone XR and iPhone SE
  • Good Manual focus, and powerful tools like a Focus Loupe and Focus Peaking
  • Best Smart automatic mode with Halide Smart RAW, optimizing settings with Machine Learning for RAW files with less noise and more detail
  • Quality Full manual exposure controls including shutter speed, ISO, and white balance
  • They are best-on-iPhone exposure tools: histograms, XDR 14-bit RGB waveform, and color zebra stripes
  • It captures RAW, TIFF, HEIC, or JPG for the best quality shots
  • Has Grid overlay with built-in level
  • You also have a powerful reviewer to view DNG, JPG, HEIC, and Live Photos, as well as Portrait depth data and mattes, with a detailed metadata view

There is an instant RAW development process to quickly develop your RAW files in a tap. There is also a technical Readout to view all details of your iPhone camera hardware. You have an Apple Watch companion app for remote shooting. In addition, the Siri Shortcuts support to trigger the shutter remotely, or open Halide in Auto or Manual mode.

It has good coverage, a powerful new feature to take two photos with a small delay to capture both a maximum-Smart HDR processed image with Deep Fusion and Smart HDR, as well as a DNG RAW. You can become a better photographer by professionally signing up for comprehensive lessons like a 10-day quick tutorial right from the app.

Halide adeptly does not comprise any trackers or tracking, it has no third-party libraries, does not collect data or photos, and never transmits any details. Halide also comprises adept features to reduce spying by firms like Facebook by limiting location details on photos shared from the app.

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