Just like anything and everything in the world, music has also gone through a lot of changes during the past 100 years. The tune plays a major role in making music audible, soothing and connecting it to the body and mind. The concrete pitch does the magic in most of the cases and that has also changed with time. Today the concrete pitch we are used to is A=440zhz which is not in harmony with our body, our listening power and our senses. The original pitch that connects to all the senses properly is A=432 Hz and today, it is possible to hear the music in the pitch with 432 player. This is a new app on iTunes and can be downloaded for free.


‘432 player’ is presented by Ophir Paz who is a music lover and is working hard to bring back the natural essence of music. The music player is just a beginning made by the creator to bring the music to the original form. This player can be used for all types of music that you love to listen except those you have purchased from iTunes. You can listen to the original pitch of music using this player which was missing from a long time. However, the conversion works on 440 Hz pitch. There is no payment involved in the whole process.


  • The app, 432 player, can convert the concert pitch of the songs and music of A=440hzs to A=432hzs.
  • The player can be used on all sorts of music with the pitch level of 440. The player will not work on any other format.
  • You will be able to see a notable difference in the tune which will be more soothing and natural and that way, it will be good to hear.
  • The app allows mathematical or natural tuning through its system.
  • The process of adding song to the player is quite easy. However, you will not be able to listen to the songs you have purchased through iTunes.
  • A colorful player on the black background will be visible while you play the song.
  • There will be denotation saying that the player is playing 432 HZ song which has been converted. This will let you know that the conversion is done.
  • Though the player does not have a compare button, you can do the same by playing the song in some other player.
  • The app is available for iOS 5.1 or later and can be downloaded on compatible iDevices.
  • The version 2.0.1 of the app can be downloaded for free and it takes around 15.8 MB space on your device.


Summary: 432 players is a great new music player which changes the pitch of the music to its natural form which is more compatible to nature, body and mind.

Good: The player is a unique one with very good feedback and free service.

Bad: There is no compare button in the player and thus you will have to open another player to compare the change.

Worth Having Application :  Download the App