When it comes to productivity especially of animals and pets, there is great need to ensure that their well being in relation to good health is considered. This is reason why Loannis Kousis designed and came up with an incredibly amazing VIPetBook app. Apparently, the app functions efficiently on iPad, iPod touch and iPhone according to the nature of their design. In relation to operating system, it has adopted the iOS 8.4 or any latest version can work well with it. For now, this 2.0 version app can be accessed in two languages (Greek and English) by its users. For the reviews received, VIPetBook has been rated highly (it has had a rating of 12+) where it has been found useful in providing information on how to treat animals and pets.


Who are the main users of this awesome app? Actually, one will discover that the app targets individuals who focus much on catering for animals and pets and those who are eager to acquire information related to pets and animals. Thus these include different welfare organizations that deal in animal issues, veterinaries, different individuals who own pets and even those who take care of pets and animals. Through acquiring vital information from the VIPetBook, they can actually understand the best way to attend to their pets and ensure that the pets are living healthy.


Interestingly, VIPetBook has been designed in a way that it contains a large database of information in relation to different products and services one can actually enjoy. More so, it offers a clear description of variety of products and their pricing thus making it easy for one to understand them and make some purchase. Some of the information provided relate to different prescriptions to pets, how to control parasites, how to continuously check and manage the nutrition of pets, the right period for vaccination of animals and pets, the procedures involved in undertaking surgeries and animal checking and other related information.


What are other amazing features that users can find in VIPetBook app? Apparently, this app enables one to generate reports in relation to the cost incurred for treating pets within a stipulated time frame. This can be daily reports, weekly reports or even annual reports. These reports can be printed or even send via mail in two formats; that is in XML or HTML. If an individual wants to save the reports, they can be safely stored in database. As a user, one can book an appointment with a vet in a particular future date and create a reminder. This reminder can be stored in the internal database of the app and accessed any time by the user. Besides, VIPetBook allows importing of history, different products, pets and different types of action from the database or files stored in the support site.

To boost the effectiveness of its functionality to its users, VIPetBook has created a platform for Album pictures. Actually, there is a link provided that facilitates merging of photos that relate to a particular pet. The details in relation to the pets’ contacts are then provided in order to easily identify them. Through the presence of such photos, it has even become simpler for the animal care experts to efficiently render their services.

For contact information on any issue related to pets, VIPetBook provides a “Help” platform where can inquire on issues related to the current topic. As a pet owner or a groomer, this is absolutely the best app to download at a relatively low cost and enjoy amazing services.

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