We all love to take vacations and go away on long holiday trips once in a while- be it with family or friends or strangers. The main issue that we face during these trips in the midst of the 21st century is to keep the battery juice from dying out in our mobile devices. No matter how many back-ups we may have, this is an issue that continues to confront us. We rely on our mobile phones for pretty much everything today- ranging from navigation to killing time playing games to booking places to live in to keeping in touch with near and dear ones. During a journey, you never know where you will find the next power source and yet you cannot but help use your mobile phone. It is during such a dilemma that the iOS app Battery Doc comes to your rescue.


Battery Doc helps extend the quality of life of its patients. In this case, it is a doctor to your most essential devices- your iOS devices. Developer Pilcrow AG has developed this app keeping the Apple watch, iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone in mind. It requires iOS 6.0 or later and 8.4 MB of free memory space on your device.


Battery Doc is more than just a display for the state of your battery. It uses state of the art algorithms to calculate the remaining battery power precisely for your device. It then calculates the remaining up time based on your current usage of the device. This way, you can know how much longer your device is expected to last and prepare for the same. The time shown is accurate and precise unlike most other apps. The same applies for the optimization tips provided by the app.


While it is true that there is no app that can make your battery healthier and increase its life, it is also true that proper usage and awareness of your battery can improve its life. This is the concept that forms the basis of this app. Battery Doc tells you when it is the right time to start charging the battery of your device so that it charges optimally.

This iOS app makes it easy to save your phone battery by providing you with precise information about the usage of each app. This enables you to make suitable decisions about which services must be disabled. It does not disable any services unless you specify so explicitly. Each time you disable a service, it tells you how much up time you will be gaining by doing so.

The key features that the app has to present are:

  • Precise calculation of remaining up time
  • Optimization tips on an individual app basis
  • System information
  • Memory usage information
  • CPU load information
  • Charging statistics
  • Adaptive status display

There are also some neat touches such as a Clean Memory button to get rid of running apps, Usage list to tell you which app is using how much power, System Status page to give you an estimate of talk time and video playback remaining. Battery Doc is the ideal doctor for your iOS device’s battery indeed.

Good: Makes use of accurate algorithms

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App