In modern world of technology you can avail various applications but yet this reputed iphone app would be pragmatic to use. It is a mobile application where it has Voice Reminder, Text Reminder, Alarm, Call Scheduler, SMS Scheduler and Email Scheduler. With this iphone app it is possible to set these reminders or schedules instantly, optimize your time and incline your productivity.

The global user require to select the appropriate time from a matrix of time cells rather than ‘setting’ hours and minutes for a reminder or a schedule. With this app the adjoining screenshot exposes the concept. In this discreet app the times are arranged with a granularity of 15 minutes. So by tapping on a cell in the first column (marked by AM>> or PM>>) the global user can indeed select times with 5 minutes granularity. The user then utilize all savors created for you by choosing the appropriate time and date, the user can also assign required function(s) through action buttons which arranged at the bottom of the screen.

The valuable iphone has several expedient savors like recording a specific voice message for each reminder, could record aptly and save your voice messages to develop your favorite list – MyList, even memos are sett with text reminders, possible to schedule calls so that you will be alerted on the said date and time and a call will be made to the number you had programmed earlier, could schedule SMS by composing one or multiple SMS/Text Message, facility to Schedule Email by composing one or multiple Emails anytime, aptly possible to set a short Bell alert in a flash, possible to set any number of reminders and schedules in different combination and eventually it is possible to view and/or delete Reminder(s) and Schedule(s) details anytime you like.

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