There are so many project management apps out in the market today. Essentially, project management apps provide a way to collaborate with a project team. They serve as a common ground for all team members to stay updated. While some are new and some are old, very few of them step out of their comfort zone to provide additional functionality to users. One of the few apps that go out of its way to make life easier for users is ActiveCollab. This app is not just a project management app. It provides for a great way to world with clients, collaborate with your team and also serves as an invoicing app. To top it all, it does all of this very well. The system can be deployed as a web-hosted SaaS or it can be locally hosted.


One of the strengths of this app is that it can manage multiple projects for you. Every user in the team has a personal interface with a dashboard. This dashboard helps them keep track of their tasks and their deadlines. Any updates made by anyone are reflected on the dashboard of every person in the team. This way, it helps everyone stay updated and informed about important things.

This app is one that pays attention to detail. Searching for a certain item or file is made very easy with the option to enter multiple details and apply filters. This saves users a good amount of time and effort. Also, while creating a task, users can set start and due dates, attach files, leave comments, place reminders and much more. The user has the option to view the timeline in the form of a Gantt chart, Kanban board or overview list- based on how they choose to work.

One of the reasons people choose this app over others is simple because it is both simple and powerful. It helps the team stay in touch constantly and keeps things organized. There is a shared calendar to provide transparency of deadlines and work. All tasks are made open and visible to everyone on the team. Adding milestones and events is very easy too. A user can tag another person in the team to make sure they do not miss out on any important matter. There are collaborative notes that can be edited and commented upon by many users at the same time. All messages among the team members and revision history of the collaborative notes are saved for future reference as well.

Another feature of the software that will blow your mind away is the timesheets to help with time tracking. There is an inbuilt timer to help keep track of the timeline of every task.
The time tracking feature also helps create accurate invoices from within the app itself. The app is well connected as it has email integration and Android and iOS apps for mobile too. The cost of the app varies from $25 for a small cloud-hosted option to $2999 per year for a mega cloud option. There are reasonable prices for locally hosted options too.

Good: Wide variety of features and tools

Bad: None

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