There are more than 50, 000 applications in the market, of which, if you are going to add a new application, which though being approved by Apple, should still be able to get noticed by iPhone users. For this to happen, you need to develop a strategic marketing plan to get your app do business for you:

1. Get your app noticed in the App store:

Most of the customers browse for applications that are top on the list in the iTunes or Apples’ application stores, and to get noticed in these stores in the top 100, you need to have the top download scores, for which you need to market your product. Some of the best ways to be noticed in the app store is to choose catchy and easy to be fetched words that are more applicable for your application. Stay on alert so that you will know where your competition is going to happen and you can rename your app to keep up with the trend if Apple permits.

2. Customized postage stamps:

Customize the business postage stamps using your apps new icon design, which should speak for itself telling you what the application is going to be used for. The use of photo stamps for your app’s icon and sending this as a gift with the download link to your app embedded is one of the best and unique ways to spread the news across.

3. Submit to app review sites:

Submit your app to be reviewed by the experts, it will help you be rated better and noticed in the app store. What you need to do is to provide a promo code for the editor to review your app after using without paying for using the app. Submit to one of these listed review sites for iPhone applications like AppCraver, 148apps, AppVee, Apps400, AppsSafari, TUAW and much more.

4. Email marketing:

This is one of the time-tested technologies for marketing your application; keep sending emails with product reviews about your application to known and unknown people. Send as many emails as possible but do not scam as this may irritate the user to lose trust in you. You can send one or two reminder emails, and once you know that they have used your app, send them only details on updates, and ask for referrals. Do not swindle by asking them to download again and again. Build a reputation by being more organized and do business.

5. Pricing Strategy:

This is one of the most important marketing strategies. Keep changing the price of your application by following the market trend closely and do not degrade the market value for your kind of applications. Learn from the success story of the application Peggle. On June 11, 2009, they dropped the price for three days and did a massive campaign for the dropped price from $4.99 to $0.99, which helped them to reach the top in the app store, following which they again raised the price back to original. This was an out of the box business thought process that yielded them success.

6. Use social media to promote your app:

Advertise about your application using the advertising and other methods like creating a page or tweeting techniques provided by social media like Facebook, Twitter and many more. Each of these social media provides you with a unique way to deliver result and therefore this is up to you to make the best use of them.

7. Word of mouth:

This is one of the best and the most standard way to spread the news about your iphone app. Always when you meet someone new, try to start a conversation on iPhone and about your application and be persuasive in making them to buy by showing how useful you find this application to be. You need not always tell that this is your application. And you can ask your friends to help you in your promotion.

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