Almost one-tenth of the global population is reported to live with diabetes. These diabetic people have to be offered special personalised treatment specific to their body’s experience of diabetes. The experience of different people living with diabetes has helped us come up with this new app named Quin.

Quin Diabetes Management app falls under the ‘Medical’ category in the App Store. It helps you manage the amount of food you eat and the insulin you need to take. Quin Diabetes Management is “one size fits all” approach to manage diabetes. The app is so awesome and it tells you how much to eat and how much insulin you have to take every time.

Quin Diabetes Management comes with many notable features. ‘The What’s Ahead Graph’ of Quin tells you what will happen to the blood sugar levels in the next 5 hours depending upon the previous readings and recorded food. It helps you know how each food has affected the blood sugar levels in the past and how it is affecting now. It assists you to make note of the insulin you had before the food and helps you see whether you need a correction dose.

Quin helps you save the carb portion sizes of each of your meal so that you don’t have to calculate it when you have the same size meal thereafter. When people are about to take long-acting insulin, they can set up a routine to get notifications and record the dose instantly with one tap. The more often you include the food and insulin choices, the more personalised and accurate the ‘What’s Ahead graph’ becomes. It also gives you alerts when your insulin is at its strongest and weakest phases so that you can make better decisions about insulin and food you take.

When you subscribe to the newsletter on the website, they will deliver your stories every month. Quin completely changes the way you look at diabetes and it helps you bring down your HbA1c to the optimal level. The app is integrated with Apple Health so that users can easily share their blood glucose data if they have a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

Available in English, the app is completely free for download. It requires iOS 13.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Users can get in touch with the team of quin through email: or by using Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Download the app today and enjoy its benefits. Let diabetes not worry you anymore.

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