We consume the things which fall under several ratings and recommendations from our friends, family members, and also some of the best critics we know. Our daily routine won’t allow us to research among the products and not to experiment with them. Here the space between products and customers was filled by the Medalist, a mobile application from Forth Holdings.

Medalist is specially designed for the persons who always give extreme attention to detail on everything they desire. In this app we can easily create an account and add their desires under the bench and podium category, these two categories can remind you of things you want to taste and the things you already tasted. We can create a taxonomy of our desired things like favorite tourist spots, food items, art galleries, jewels, etc.

Our rankings or recommendations can help other medallist users to identify the best product or anything. By sharing our list of recommendations to the community and influence them with your view. Medalist allows you to share your thoughts with pictures of the things you want to add to your lists. We can create many lists and share any one of them with the medallist community. Also, users can create lists and add any items simply by commanding Siri. If our lists were loved by other users and make them add in their lists too can raise your poach counts upwards, also we can comment on any of the product.

Medalist would be a lifestyle enhancer among our app tray, the communities present in the app will be a great need for anyone who exploring products, places, arts, countries, etc. Medalist users can attract others to taste the best things in their region and help them to discover novel things to make their life unique. We choose to follow other medallist users to identify the trending products among the people. These kinds of social media are very unique which encourage peoples to share their experiences with notes and pictures to help other explorers as well as the public.

This awesome product was designed by Forth which was rated five stars by users. Medalist can be installed in iPhones, iPads with i12.0, and later versions which come under the lifestyle category for free in Appstore. App crafted with strong and simple privacy settings. A Bright and simple interface makes an edible user experience. Users are supported through https://medalist.app/.