It can be really difficult to keep children entertained at times, particularly when school is not in session. Whenever your kids are bored, you usually pick up iPads, iPhones, or other electrical gadgets to entertain them. However, determining which applications are worth installing (and even purchasing) much alone which ones are better and kid-friendly, is a very tough job on its own, and with a pool of apps, this decision gets even harder. 

It is noted that reading and mathematics abilities in children are not only key fundamentals for educational achievements at school, but also serve as an important foundation for their proper functioning as adults later on in life. Choosing the right tools and help from the internet and apps can benefit the kids better understand what they might learn in school and can be a great pass-time when they are at home. Since there is no age limit to learning, kids as young as kindergartners can start learning through various apps and online activities.

One kindergarten app in the running would be, the Kindergarten Learning Games app by thelearningapps provides a great deal of educational information as well as a fun and interactive touch screen-play for the kids to learn and enjoy their time. 

Kindergarten Learning Games App

The app is divided into six categories, namely:

  • Learn Alphabets
  • Trace Alphabets
  • Math
  • Learn Animals
  • Puzzle
  • Coloring

It is proven through research that children are more likely to learn if they are provided with sounds as well as pictures. This app focuses on both visual and audio learning for kids. In its Learn Alphabets section, there is an individual screen for all the alphabets and with sound. Each screen has an uppercase and a lowercase letter, an image, and the name of an animal or thing that begins with that letter. The colorful background makes the app very bright and attractive to the young eye, which makes them keep wanting to learn more.

Learning alphabets has become easy-breezy through this Kindergarten app. Another very useful feature of the app is the Trace Alphabets. It is helpful for the kids to use that feature as it aids them in starting to write. The tracing starts from letter A all the way to letter Z, with an individual screen for each. The kids can choose between several colors to trace the letters, and there is an eraser for any little mistakes. If your kids enjoy coloring, then there’s a whole separate section for coloring.

The Kindergarten Learning Games by thelearningapps, is specifically designed while keeping the needs and interests of kids in mind, and that is why it is one of the best apps for young kids specifically those in kindergarten to learn from to learn from.