Have you ever wondered how much you earn? How much money is being spent and how much goes wasted? Unless we track our finances, we would never be able to save money. To keep everything in order, there are apps available in the market. Simplifi is one such unique budget savings and tracker app that has helped me track all my finances in one place.  

Given by Quicken.Inc, the app belongs to the Finance category and it is available for both iOS and Android users. Simplifi helps manage all your finances and track your spending in just one single place. It is easy, intuitive and simplified and helps you be on top of all your finances. It is one award-winning budget app that would be suitable for everyone. 

The notable features of the app are, it comes with everything put together in one place. It has given a new evolution to the budget worksheet. The income tracker allows the user to keep track of all the bills and income in one single place. Other than that, the app also gives you a personal spending plan, track your savings and set up a goal with it. In short, Simplifi brings your entire finances to your fingertips.  

The app assists you in knowing how much you have spent the previous month and how much you have spent now. By tracking this, you can identify how much you can contribute to your saving goals this month. Setting your categories, watchlist and tags is a lot easier with this app. Users can see the money the way they want to and process the debts faster. It does not display any ads that could distract or confuse you. 

Simplifi helps you to see your upcoming bills and discover the subscriptions you don’t need. It gives the bill payments on due so that you would not have to pay the penalty which would have been a loss. Backed by a team with more than 30 years of experience, setting up the app is so easy and you won’t have any hassles operating it. The app is so secure and you need not be afraid of losing your valuable data to others. 

The team is active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and they have connections with 14,000 financial institutions. Simplifi is available for both iOS and Android devices. It comes with in-app purchases for $3.99 for a monthly subscription and $35.99 for a yearly subscription. The team also gives you a 30-day trial for free and you can choose the annual subscription at $2.99 per month. 

Download Simplifi and do everything like banking, investments, credit cards and more from one place.

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