In this day and age smart phone applications are constantly changing due to so much options. One genre in particular seems to keep customers attention a lot longer than simple games or rpgs however, this would be puzzle games. Apps that stimulate your brain and show you the complexity in it, while maintaining a good score and continuing onward in the app, it’s exhilerating for the player.


Hexadots is exactly that. This charming iphone app allows the player to connect the dots of the same color. After every turn more dots appear on the screen making it a bit harder to maneuver around the screen. It is very challenging, but a lot of fun.The biggest problem with puzzle games is that throughout a short period of time they become too complex and the player will set their phone down in frustration. Eventually leading to them looking at the app in anger and uninstalling it.

Hexadots indeed does challenge you, but maintains a simple structure so even a child can enjoy this app. As you move throughout the levels you’ll be given multiple colors to match up and have a set amount for each individual dot. After each turn a significant amount of different colored dots will pop up on screen. The player at that time will see that they have less room to move around. Therefore, they need to start matching dots immediately. During all of this the user feels the excitement of trying to navigate the dots to certain areas. Overall the complexity of this app is overwhelming, but a welcomed challenge.

While technology has come a long way, some apps do struggle when it comes to how it functions, meaning its controls. The entire game obviously, is touch screen. Easy is not always the case. For Hexadots however, it is. Dragging the dots throughout the screen is simple and easy. The pressing of buttons is smooth, you won’t have to tap the same area fifty times just to do one action. The better the controls, the easier and more enjoyable the game. One big thing about phone apps is replay value. One turn throughout an entire game will lead to a quick uninstall. And usually puzzle games this is the case. I can not even tell you how many apps have been in my phone, only to disappear a month later. This charming game encourages the user to replay its courses again. To start off, the system grades and rates you. And one star is the easiest and most common.

But in reality who is ever satisfied with one star? You can always come back again and try to get all three with a high score. Pat yourself on the back for that one!If I were to rate Hexadots it would be a solid four out of five stars. It really is a fun and entertaining puzzle game. This charming app challenges a player to do the best they can while keeping a smooth and fun concept. For some users it may prove to be too difficult. But overall has alot of potential to be a very popular game, iPhones everywhere may have this game permanently attached with an eager player ready to move to the next level. This game is useful, to stimulate your brain and just to pass the time by, this will remain on my phone for a long time.

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