Puzzle games are fun, but they a more fun when they combine cunning and creativity of a scavenger hunt. You don’t get a lot of this online especially ones that are free to download like Pandamino. The Pandamino app game is about a panda who has to go on a scavenger hunt for special and valuable dominoes that have been hidden all over the world. Pandamino has a map, but like with all quest adventures, there’s always a nemesis who wants the loot for himself in this case, its Mr Fox. Pandamino’s map that gets stolen by Mr Fox, who aims to get the dominoes for himself. So the point of the game is to outfox the fox and get to the dominoes before he does. It sounds simple enough, but it isn’t. To get moving and to find these valuable dominoes, Pandamino or you the game player, needs to solve challenging 3-style puzzles so you can track the dominoes and beat the fox.

Game play

This three-type puzzle game has a challenging and addictive game play. You have to get the dominoes to change color in order to clear them off the board whilst you watch the clock. To move from one level to the next, you need to hit the target score. So you essentially bounded to beat the clock and get as many points as you can so you can outrun the clever fox who has the advantage of having a map with him. You can slide dominoes or flip them to switch colors so they match up. If you get two dominoes with the same color, you can clear them off the board. That’s why it is called Pandamino: Color Slide & Match. However, you can give yourself a boost by discovering secret domino combinations and dominoes with magical powers that will give you a power boost and help you rake more points in. The dominoes are hidden all over the world and the world being such a big place and all, you will discover that you have a number of levels to clear, 200 to be exact, as you travel from Tokyo to Paris, New York, Africa and the equatorial jungles of South America.

The game developers crafted a great and fun storyline and you will enjoy seeing the lovable and innocent looking panda beat the cunning and sly Foxy the fox. Getting to the end can be a challenge for a new player, but thankfully, there is a tutorial that explains how to play the game and strategies for winning. Once you get to it, you will realise there are a couple of tricks that you didn’t learn from a tutorial, but that could take a couple of games for you to get into the groove. This is a strategic game, so you can’t bumble your way through however, sometimes all you need is to apply common sense and logic.What’s to like?It is a fun, colorful game with as much intrigue and adventure as you can get from a cute Panda (with the cutest eyes) traversing the continent sliding and flipping dominoes. You can download the game from iTunes and Google Play for free. With 200 levels, you have hours of puzzle solving fun. The tutorial is simple and easy to follow so you can jump right into the game. The great news with game is that once you download it on your smartphone or tablet, you don’t need internet or Wi-Fi connection – you can play the game offline as well.

What’s not to like?

Pandamino is fun, engaging, its hard to find fault with it.
The graphics are great, the storyline is funny and the game delivers on its promise, but some people might find 200 levels a little bit much. Every gamer wants to get to the end of a game. If you are not into long puzzle games but want to get to the point quickly, the game is underwhelming. Sometimes it feels a little like Tetris, but requiring some clever game plan. If you love puzzle games that require strategic and logical thinking, then this would be a great game for you. Overall, if we were to score the game out of 5 it would be worthy of a 4+.
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