It is always exciting trying to solve a challenging puzzle in a game. During the gameplay, the player’s skills are tested to prove how imaginative one can be. Meanwhile, the entire game session ought to be fun and enjoyable so that the player can get the best puzzling experience. The Rings after Rings game developed by Carlos Sabbah is one such fantastic game that the player cannot get enough of it.

Designed with a captivating experience, this app game gives the player an opportunity to come up with perfect combination of rings. The rings need to arranged and stacked together to give the correct match in relation to the color palettes available. The entire game session is simple to play and it requires only concentration skills and accuracy. The design and formation is quite intuitive thus giving the player a relaxing moment during the gameplay. It is a great game to play!


Getting into the Rings after Rings game

First, it is clear to note that this amazing game contains a user-friendly platform that makes it simple to play. This is meant to ensure that the entire gameplay session is great. The game focuses on arranging rings in order to cover the entire board. However, these rings (which are placed over the other), should offer a perfect match based on their colors. Meanwhile, the player needs to understand that scores will be attained if the whole board of rings is matching. Contrary to that, the game comes to an end if the rings are arranged incorrectly. Ready for the task? Then all that one need is to quickly arrange, stack and combine the rings to get great scores!

The Compatibility of Rings after Rings game

Which devices can work well with this app? Apparently, it is clear that this great app has been highly designed. This implies that it will give exceptional performance once it has been supported by a great device. For now, it is well-compatible with iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. It also displays great output in iOS 8.0 or any later version.

Here are the essential features that the player will discover in this amazing game:

Quickly set combos

This is truly the kind of game puzzler that the player will find easy to play. It is quick and efficient to set up different combos correctly. After arranging and stacking different rings, the play needs to check them properly to ensure that their alignment is perfect. This makes it pretty easy to record high scores once the whole board is filled with rings. Correct combinations will always translate to great results!


The timed mode

The Rings after Rings game has been designed to test the player’s skills in quickly engaging into action. With the presence of the timed mode, one can try it out to sharpen skills and speed in solving different ring puzzles. This can also offer an amazing chance where different players can compete effectively to see who the ultimate winner is. Meanwhile, the faster the player is in the game, the higher the scores obtained.

Colorful palettes

The integration of varied colorful palettes on the rings is bound to bring a great challenge when arranging the rings. What does this implies? In order to play this game to the end, the player will need to critically look into the colors. This will facilitate in making the best decision with regard to arranging and stacking the rings. Thus, the player will ultimately get the required combination.

Game boosters

The essence of playing a puzzler game is to encounter the challenge and get the best scores. In some cases, the challenge can be quite overwhelming such that the player might need the game boosters to enhance performance. Rings after Rings game has integrated Combo Meter Max to x18 to ensure that the player can quickly climb to high scores with ease. This can make completion of different levels pretty easier!

Compete and share

A game experience cannot be fully achieved if there is no scale where one can gauge the performance. This calls for an effective competition with friends and family. The player can invite different friends to play the Rings after Rings game and see who among them finishes in the least time possible. Meanwhile, the experience can be shared on different platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where players can also be updated on new features available.

Check below for the Pros and Cons that are evident in this gaming app:


· Fantastic graphics and quality sounds

· Simple and efficient to play

· Easy to get high scores; the boosters

· Absolutely fun and addictive

· Can be shared with friends for competition


· Slowdown in performance due to bugs

· Inconsistencies experienced at times


The Rings after Rings game brings out a true definition of a unique, easy-to-play and fun-filled puzzler game. It takes into account essential features such as high quality graphics, great user-interface and amazing control features. This is to ensure that the best performance is achieved during the gameplay. If it is about playing a relaxing ring puzzler game, this is the absolute choice. It is currently available on the App Store for free. Download it today and get started!

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