With this android app you can take your trading features simply anywhere. It offers online traders access to the current foreign exchange rates and traders can access their Meta trader (MT) accounts directly by logging into this app.

The app is an online platform which helps you to keep track of currency rates. You can view the rates on your android device and the rates are updated every minute. It has several features. Along with browsing at the current rates you can compare different currencies, view their history and fluctuations by clicking on ‘charts’ menu. The charts are pretty easy to grasp and extremely helpful. These are also updated regularly and you can view the data on a day to day, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. If you log in with your MT account, the app keeps your account data safe; making it easier for you to keep track of any changes happening to the currency in your account and also helps you when you need to make those swift decisions in the middle of the work day.

The app saves your account information and is helpful too if you want to check your balance anytime. You can also compare the position of every currency as compared to others by clicking on the ‘position’ link.  Aston forex also has an ‘order’ feature, so whenever you want to add anything to your account you can do so very easily.  If you are new to forex, or just want to learn the tricks of the trade you can log in as a guest and view, the current data and have access to other information as well.

Aston forex can help online traders by maximizing their profits and minimizing their losses. Off course, it is you who is making all the decisions but, Aston forex helps you to take those just-in-time decisions. All the information you receive is current and precise. Your trading platform is always in your pocket, so whenever you feel you need to make a swift decision you can do so by easily opening the app on your mobile phone, all you need is a   Wi-Fi connection. The app provides you with the current trading analysis and information of the latest trends. You can view the charts for every currency to see whether it is going up or down. You don’t have to be in front of your computer all day long to keep an eye on things. With Aston forex all your trading needs are in your pocket. The forex trading is very fast paced; Aston forex allows you to carry out any transactions directly from your phone.

The application is pretty straight forward and easy to use. This app allows you to execute orders wherever you are; with Aston forex you can change your mobile into a trading device. As our lives get busier with every passing day, an app like Aston forex seems like the answer to any online trader’s trading needs.

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