Storyo is a fantastic app that allows you to put together all the wonderful picture moments into a story or stories. Storyo allows you and your beloved ones to create a visual documentation that also allows you to invite your friends and add their photos as you watch the magical video unveil. Storyo is the best application for sharing travel journals, videos and also video collages.

Storyo uses the metadata in the photos taken and then uses those photos to create simple video stories related to those photos. These simple video stories are called Storyo. Storyo application enables users to take photos with the maps and location enabled, then the user of the app is prompted to select a timeframe and style of their choice before editing the story and adding their favourite song. Then after the editing bit, the user is then allowed to save the story or share it with friends within the app.

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Creating Own Story

Storyo allows you to select a variety of your favourite photo moments and after pressing play, it plays that fantastic video of that holiday vacation or that trip to your favourite park etc.

Creating Group Stories

Storyo allows users to create group stories by selection of photos of people whom you shared wonderful and memorable moments together and then puts those photos into a wonderful simple video.

Group Story Sharing

The story allows you to invite your friends and once they accept your request, it incorporates their stories into your stories and hence providing a spectacular visual documentation of you friends memorable moments as well as yours.

Connection with Facebook

The app is able to show users emotions during a particular day and also provides weather updates of how cold, hot or perfect the weather is once they log in to their Facebook accounts


1. The app is amazingly wonderful since it turns photos into fantastic simple videos which can be edited by the user as they please.

2. The app allows users to invite their friends who also have the app and can share group videos within the app. One can have their friend’s photos incorporated into their own photos and make a group video.

3. The ability of the app to have access to Facebook can help one remember their past moments and how the weather was


1.The only disadvantage that cannot outweigh the advantages of the app is that it takes a long time to make a Storyo video.

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