So, do you find words fascinating? It’s lovely how just 26 alphabets can be combine din so many different ways to give you an innumerable number of words. If you share this fascination too and love winding together chips to obtain long strings of words, then the new word winder app for iPad is just what you need. And with this app, you will be testing your word ability against not only your own self but also against any opponent of your choice, be they friends, family or foes. This game hails to come from David L Hoyt, a well-known maker of puzzles and word games. In this app, there are six mind boggling original games for you to rack your brains about.

The best part of this app is that if you have anything of a love for words, then there is no way you will not get addicted to this iPad app. There are 5 types of puzzles, 4 of each type available for you to let the words amaze your mind. You can switch to multi-player mode and play with your friends too to see whose word power shall dominate in the end. There are 31 days full of unlimited multi-player modes available to players.

This app relies for words on the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which is truly the most reliable and trustworthy dictionary online. Your answers are validated using this reliable source, hence giving you a true test of your control over words. You can thereby challenge you friends and know that you are actually testing your word power.

If you are in the middle of a game and have to leave due to some unforeseen reason, then your puzzles and games are all automatically saved for you. This saves you the trouble of having to begin all over again when you start playing the next time. The graphics and user interface have been looked into in detail and have turned out excellently. For first-time users, the tutorials are extremely easy to follow and so is the game so  that you truly enjoy playing with words. There are many game modes so that you can decide against whom and how you wish to play a game or puzzle.

There is a high score and achievements list maintained by the app and if you are really good, then you can even go ahead and compare your own score with that of David L Hoyt in some cases.

If you get stuck at any word in the middle of a game, then you can also take help from the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary. There are six mind-blowing games and five sets of puzzles for you to dig into your vocabulary and extract words that you thought you would not have known. These games are indeed very challenging and need a good amount of skill and control over words. It is not for just anyone who wishes to kill time but for those who simply cannot stop being in awe of words and love solving word puzzles.

Good: There is a wide variety of interesting and challenging games and puzzles

Bad: This app needs a good vocabulary to be played

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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