Scribochat is a user friendly app with an easy to navigate format! It’s free to download in the app store, and takes only a few seconds to install onto your phone. Easily upload photos from your own photo gallery to use in a new “Booklet”. Where you can draw on the picture, and are able to choose from a variety of colors. There is an option on the screen that takes you to a color wheel where you can pick what ever color you would like, as well as choose the size and transparency of your “pencil”. In that same screen you can choose to use an eraser instead if you need to get rid of something you drew.

Next to the pencil option is a microphone, where you can do audio recordings that will go with that particular picture in your booklet. At the top of the screen there is a tab where you can toggle between the different pictures within your booklet. Back on the main screen you can add a whole new booklet, by simply pressing the plus button at the bottom of the screen.

On the main screen there is a tab where you can chat with other users of this app that you have connected with.The chat is easy to use. You can create a room with multiple people to chat with within that room. The chat bubbles are sent in exciting colors. Your phones regular Emojis can still be used within this apps chat feature. You are able to send photos from your camera roll, take pictures then and there, or there is an interesting option for “blank”, where you’re given a blank white screen to write on with the pencil and then send that as a picture.

You are equipped with a contact list within the app, so that you can easily select someone, or multiple someones, to discuss different topics within your booklets. In the apps settings your default profile picture is an adorable, chubby little smiley face. Is clearly shows all options that are available in the settings. You can easily change your password here, as well as put a stop to ads in the app.

The app also provides a helpful tutorial in case you are having difficulties navigating through the app. A user can also easily leave their feedback on how they felt about this app.

The app Scribochat is a very well thought out app, with many great features that are extremely user friendly! Easily share your projects and ideas with friends while letting your imagination go to work on the screen to show what you have in mind, but don’t know how to put into words!

Download ScriboChat from App Store