SPRK Music is a social music platform built for creation and discovery. Providing a streamlined, easy way for fans to discover amazing new artists and music while giving artists all the tools they need to build a following and get discovered in a competitive industry.

For fans, discovering music is the name of the game. SPRK Music is a global app, so expect to be able to find artists from any country. Search music by region, artist, genre and even instrument if you’re craving a certain sound.

Once you’ve found an artist you like you can follow them and comment on their posts, giving fans a new way to connect with their fans and express their appreciation. You’ll find a ton of original music on the platform, as well as exciting covers of songs you love.

For artists, SPRK Music provides a streamlined platform to build your following, showcase your music, meet other artists and get noticed in the industry.

Create a complete profile so the world knows who you are, upload videos, images and stream music to the platform. Connect with your fans via likes, comments, messages and more. Access a global network of other artists and easily set up collaborations. With strategic partnerships already secured and more on the way, SPRK Music promotes the app as a way to connect with music labels, event organizers and more – is it a platform that can kick-start your career as a music artist?

There’s only one way to find out, download SPRK Music on IOS and Google Play today, or visit their website sprkmusic.com for more information!