The Taylor Method sales system assists financial advisors in developing a successful insurance and financial services practice. The content is divided into four stages of the sales cycle. Our product-agnostic approach enables any advisor, regardless of carrier or country, to successfully use this method.

The Strategy

Prospecting strategies designed to address the most significant challenge that most advisors face in this business – name flow! We teach high-probability techniques with repeatable language to help you generate a steady stream of new leads.

The Investigation

It is a method for guiding you through fact-finding interviews and dispelling objections before they arise. With strategy, your prospects will be the ones to alert you to a problem.

The Opportunity  

When analyzing a fact finder, our process demonstrates how to uncover every sale opportunity. This is the stage at which you become a facilitator of solutions rather than a salesperson.

The Close

Present solutions that compel clients to take action. When the previous phases have laid the groundwork for perfect planning, this is often the sales system’s most straightforward and rewarding phase.

What you’ll discover

  • The high proportion of prospecting activities.
  • Understanding personality types can help you find facts more effectively.
  • A straightforward fact pattern process.
  • With each Fact Find, learn how to uncover more sales opportunities.
  • Present solutions that compel clients to take action.
  • Following the close, the operational sales process begins.

What You Will Accomplish

  • Increase your case rate, productivity, and average case size.
  • Prospect to people who make the money you want to make.
  • Develop your process and language confidence.
  • Receive guidance from an ACTIVE, MDRT Top of the Table producer.

The Basic Curriculum

  • The method’s foundational elements cover all four pillars.

Topics of Interest

  • Dive deeper into core concepts, such as objections, role-playing, and advanced topics.


  • Webinars, as well as live or recorded events

Online Fact Checker

  • With PDF export, you can create, store, and edit all of your fact finders.

Smaller class sizes and role-play scenarios will engage advisors in the two interactive boot camps for an interactive learning experience. The participants in the Bootcamp receive 12 months of free subscription content access.

Final Words

This app’s variety also provides something new for each feature, so it’s wholly appreciated for its unique benefits. Overall, the developers did a phenomenal job with the concept and features.

Web App: The Taylor Method