Now that social networking sites are an established platform to connect two or more persons, new ideas are being framed each and every day to cultivate the market more and more. Every single element is being analyzed and worked upon and this time, it’s the videos. YouTube is like the world’s biggest market of videos along with daily motion and Vimeo and now it’s Keek.

Keek is actually a free android social video sharing application. It allows its users to share and upload videos on the Keek network, and other social services like Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler. As soon as you record your 36 seconds of clip, you are ready to upload it or save it for the moment. But yes, you can only record a video clip of 36 seconds, not more than that. This is a very brilliant and innovative feature proposed by the developers. First, it separates out any kind of boring content itself and secondly, allows the users to go for a more viral approach.

The keek page is simple but still very interesting. In the menu, you can check out latest keeks, my stream, top 100 users and many more different sections. You can watch videos and leave comments. There is one additional feature of leaving “keekbacks” which are video comments i.e. you can record a video clip as your response and post it in the comment section. This is again a very good integrated feature. You can also share these videos via Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler or can even email it to one of your friends and invite your friends to join you in the community. You can follow and subscribe other users just like you follow others on Twitter. Now, upload your own videos and create your own channel. After all, it just takes 36 seconds of your life.

Now, you can stream better and faster utilizing most of your time. And don’t take it be the start of the network; it has already grown into a massive one. Even the top user has about 7 million views for his videos and there are new videos being uploaded every second. But it is already clear that the idea of the developers is to concentrate on the young generation. So it limits the reach of the app itself. Also, that 36 second land mark further limits the interested user category. But the bridge that connects it with the social networking sites directly is very useful as you can share and upload your videos directly. Also, your activity on the community is visible to each of your friends.

We must say that it is a very good product and is already pretty popular in the market. There has been some deep research on the marketing variables and the hard work shows off. We won’t say it to be a competition to YouTube or any other such site because it is rather something different and original. It itself has a platform to expand and hope it will do the same in near future.

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