For decades many students and adults have been suffering with the problem of solving math problems. In the case of children, mobile phones hook them up instead of studying their math. The only way you think would be beneficial for your child would be to enrol them in a private tuition or for online tutoring. Thanks to the era of digitalization, math can be easily learnt at home with the clock of your smart phone. With the online world at your fingertips it is only beneficial to use it where you can promote the benefits which your child can receive in terms of education.

‘Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ is a mobile based app that helps people in solving math problems for over three decades.

Developed by:

Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ was created by ‘Softmath’ and provided for free as an Education app.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ app on your device. Now launch it on your device and start using it. Unlike other math apps that only provides you with the answer, the Algebrator math calculator will provide you with the steps necessary to obtain those answers along with an explanation on how and why that step came into being. The app also contains a fraction calculator that shows you how to add, multiply, subtract fractions and complex fraction divisions. The Graphing calculator will show visual representations of graphs, plot lines, intercepts and asymptotes. It also has a trigonometry calculator that simplifies the algebraic expressions using the trigonometric functions.

Features of the app:

Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ has many exciting features. They are,

  • Algebra math calculator
  • Trigonometry calculator
  • Graph calculator
  • Radical simplifier
  • Matrix solver
  • Factoring calculator

Compatible with:

‘Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ works on all Android and iOS devices.