One of the Google spokes person made it very clear that Android is a consumer device, and they do plan to support and they do plan to support enterprise applications. However, there are a number of businesses and enterprise related applications from Android developers.

Here we will discuss a few of these specific applications that are available in the Android marketplace.

1. TripIt:

You can stay organized when you use tripit, without tripping down over your appointments, report submissions and much more deadlines to meet. This is an effective application from the Android market place that also forwards your travel confirmation emails, which will also include airline, hotel, rental car, restaurant reservations and much more, TripIt helps you to create a master itinerary. They synchronise your calendar and social networking sites, emails alerts to colleagues, and provides maps and route details with alarm functioning, so that you will always have enough time for your travel. This is a travel management application and is not free.

Download: TripIt

2. Gist:

This is another social networking but business application. This provides Android users an unsurpassable user experience with complete business profiles for their contacts, which will also synchronize updates from Facebook and twitter, news to be mentioned or email correspondence across multiple inboxes. They update you with the latest upcoming meetings and recent status updates, thereby allowing you to keep the most important information at your fingertips.

Download: Gist

3. Lookout:

When you are looking out for using business applications on your Android devices, then is necessary that you see that you are not being hacked. In addition, one such application that helps you to keep a watch on those applications is the mobile antivirus protection, which is also important for data management. This application helps you to locate your phone, when is lost or stolen, this application has a screeching alarm when is isolated from you. This application also co-ordinates with GPS.

Download: Lookout

4. Touch Down:

If you like to use Gmail as your preferred method for synchronizing Outlook to your phone, then Touchdown offers an alternative way with a numerous enterprise grade features like remote wiping, PIN enforcement and much more that even Brian A Schar Esq, Director of Intellectual Property for Cardica, recommends this application.

Download: Touch Down

5. Intuit GoPayment:

If your wife or hubby is asking you to pay the bills on your way back home and if you have forgotten, then there is nothing to worry, there is an application for accepting credit card payments via your Android device. The device is very helpful that you can pay form wherever you are and once the payment is processed this allows the payer to receive immediately via email or text the receipt from the customer.

Download: Intuit GoPayment


For those organizations security is a main concern, with physical security in concern, is the application that monitors your security system via your phone. This can monitor video, remotely arm and disarm your system making the history of events searchable. This is also possible to set up the to alert anytime an alarm sound or a motion sensor to be activated.


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