In 2009 alone, 20% of the accidents reported were because of distracted driving. Eighteen percent of those crashes were fatal because of distraction while texting or using applications. That is more than 5,000 people that died and 448,000 injured. This may be caused by looking through your phone if you use a GPS navigation application. If you are ready to uninstall your GPS application on your phone, you may want to consider Rotice. Rotice is a navigation application designed for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs or your Iphone 4. The application minimizes your input on your device while you are driving, providing you with security, less or no driving tickets, and it is simple to use and start your trip. You can store up to 10 destinations and look at your iPhone to see where you are on the map as well as the approximate time that it will take.

You can easily access the map from the toolbar on the bottom of your screen, making it easy to go from your map, to the configuration, or to access the settings. You can also set the time limit on the toll parking, making it easy for you to remember to pay once your time is up. You can even manipulate the time it takes to get to the toll parking and set the alarm to let you know with enough time. Once you get there, you can save the destination so that you can access it later on.

When you are setting up your trip, you will need to post 3 inputs: Contact, destination and when it should notify your contact prior to getting there. The application runs the GPS in the background, so you may want to consider keeping your phone charging while you travel. The best thing of all is that it doesn’t distract you on the road, avoiding possible accidents.

Rotice automatically detects your location and it lets you see where you are by satellite or by Google maps. Once you are getting there, Rotice automatically notifies you that it will call your contact, making it easy for you to keep your hands on the wheel. The search function is pretty useful and is very similar to using Google Earth. On your settings, you can set up automatic calling before you get there and automatic alerts for when it calls your contact.

If you have your contact in the address book, then you can choose him and enter his address so that you don’t have to do the same process over and over again next time. The app is available on English and Spanish, making it a very useful app for a larger crowd. You will also need a dock on your car if you want to get the most out of the Rotice app. The app automatically sets your position, even when moving, so you need a dock to look at your screen and reduce distraction.

Your history of input locations is automatically saved in the recent destinations folder. The app is free for a limited time and it will cost 99 cents on the Itunes App Store. The app is easy to use and very well organized, which is a good idea for people who are not used to their GPS navigation systems. People who are just starting to use a GPS will benefit from this application as well and the price is worth it. The price is better than a possible traffic ticket or accidents, so get your app today.

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