Songnote by Darling G is an app for iPhones, iPad and the iTouch. It is a simple app through which users can share a song or a note with anyone they wish to through their email or even share it with others by posting it on Facebook. Sometimes, when you hear a song, you suddenly start daydreaming as it transports you back to the time you first heard it. You might want to let someone know when the song reminds you of them. This can be done easily and very casually with Songnote, an easy to use iPhone app.



  • Songnote is available from the iTunes store in the 3.1 version of size 29.3 MB.
  • It enhances communication by means of song sharing.
  • It allows users to immediately let their friends know when a song reminds them of something or someone, either through the social media, such as Facebook or through email privately.
  • When the application is launched, there is a main screen showing the current song being played in the iPod application of your device is shown.
  • The user just needs to open the app and write a note on the pre loaded song and then click on send in order to post the son on the social media or send to through email.
  • You can also change the song before sending it and add some personalized notes to it.
  • The post you send contains the message, the link to the app and the iTunes link for the shared song.
  • You may need to manually enter the details of the song, such as the title, the artist and so on, if the app is not able to locate the song.
  • The device requirements for this iPhone app are iOS 4.3 or later with a 12.8 MB.


What we Liked:

The job of sharing a song link with a message is done neatly. It is easy to share the song and is useful in several instances. For instance, if you have forgotten to wish your mother on her birthday – not to worry – just send her a songnote with a note saying it reminds you of her. It provides a novel and fun way to apologize to one another, celebrate an occasion, and reminisce about something and so on




Songnote by Darling G is a great and fun app that allows the user to share his favorite songs with others along with a message. It is easy to use and fun, especially for those who love sharing songs with their friends and followers. Music has been used as a vehicle for communicating with others in a fun way, just as people share photos and videos with each other.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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