In our school days, we all would have loved playing the snake game in the older version of mobiles. That game took a special place as our childhood pastime and we loved traversing and gathering on the path as snakes. Snakey is a unique game that takes us back to the relishing game of our childhood with many advanced features. The game is so cool and enthralling and is definitely one of its kind.

With the advent of improvement in technology, the team of Tupilak Gaming has bought the game, Snakey with so many things together into our favorite snake game. Located in Sisimiut, Greenland, the company specializes in making innovative games and apps for mobile devices. With vibrant colors, HD graphics, smooth and sleek two-touch control, the game makes playing more enjoyable.

It may seem simple, but the gameplay is very challenging. Your objective is to attain your target by avoiding all the obstacles on your path. The snake can collect as many diamonds as possible and can gain more points. The more diamonds you collect, the more points you gain and you can unlock more levels using them.

Your task is to tap left and right to move the snake accordingly. The app’s menu has options like Mission, Challenge, Impossible, Dark, Speedy and Endless. The difficulty of these levels depends with various strategies of gameplay. As I played the game, what I found more challenging is the Dark and Impossible level. In the dark level, your view is restricted with in a small circle and hence you may feel it very difficult to look beyond and make a move. The impossible level is something that is nearly impossible as it gets more dark and the snake moves very frantic for you to escape getting hurt.

By neatly analyzing the classic gameplay, timing and controls, this Snakey is a perfect remake of the old game with a blend of the modern gaming elements. You can turn on/off the sound effects of the game whenever you prefer. You can also share the game via social media and ask your friends and family to beat the challenge.

The app is free for download on both iOS and Android device and offers endless fun and thrill. This arcade game is suitable for every one in the family from kids to adults. Come on, let us go back to our childhood memories and have some “snake fun” with the ultimate Snakey.

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