Slot machines have a long and fruitful career behind them that spans across more than a century. Invented by a San Francisco mechanic in the late 1800s, it evolved from a simple, mechanical device into one of the most widespread casual games of our times. Slot machine fans have several options to play them, from single games on smartphones to social collections like Slotomania,  and free vegas slots in your browser, web apps to offer a massive variety of mobile games, like the one you’ll find at

About the All Slots Casino

The All Slots Casino was launched in 2002. Since then, it has worked to offer its players not only an ever-increasing collection of games, but also an amazing variety of specials and promotions. At the same time, it has worked on its reputation, too – from a newcomer on the market, it has slowly become a reliable and trusted gaming partner, appreciated by thousands of players all over the world.

The All Slots’ games are currently available for download on a desktop computer running Windows, for web browser play on any operating system with a browser capable of running Flash content, and as a web app, available on any smartphone with an HTML5-capable web browser.

The All Slots web app

Due to some restrictions applied to its industry, the All Slots was reluctant to release a native app to be tied to any specific mobile OS. Instead, the developers behind it chose to release a mobile version of its services that would run in a mobile browser. This has made its games more convenient and accessible across all devices, without the need to waste precious storage space on downloads. Besides, it has averted constantly updating its app, allowing players to enjoy its games quickly and without any delay.

The All Slots Mobile offers its players a library of more than 130 titles, all built using HTML5. All its games will run perfectly on a desktop browser, too, but they are optimized to be played on devices with a touchscreen. The game library includes more than 90 video slot machines, including the latest titles released by the casino, as well as other games like blackjack, video poker, and more. All the games are available in a “for fun” regime, but they can also be played in “real money” mode, for real wins.

How to play

To play its games, players first need to register an account with the All Slots Casino. Said account is not mobile-only – it can be used to play the same games (and many more) on all other devices. When logging on, players can decide whether they want to play in “practice mode” with no real cash involved, or in “real money” mode, where they can make deposits and win real, spendable cash.