If you love your Jordan’s as much as Lebron would love to have his championship ring, the Jordans Out app provides the best way to keep in touch with your favorite shoes as well as a sneak peak of upcoming, unreleased shoes. If you have not tried Jordans, then you have not experienced the comfort, style and image that represent this shoe. The app is very well organized, fast and has great shoes to decorate the home screen.

The home screen portrays 4 different stores from where you can buy your Jordans. The stores include: Foot Locker, Foot Action, Eastbay and Finishline. You can browse quickly through the links from store to store to compare and pick the best price for your Jordan shoes. Each link provides their official page and promotional offers, so that you do not have to spend time looking it up on your browser. The websites provide an organized layout so that you can browse quickly and efficiently. The detail on each picture is amazing, almost as good as going to the store to see them.

The upcoming MJ icon on the bottom of your screen will take you directly to new and upcoming Jordans. Each type of shoe provides an Icon with a picture of the shoe, making it easy to find the style that matches you. Each link provides a quick description of the shoe as well as the colors that will come out along with it. On the bottom of that page, you can find other links to related articles about Jordans if you feel like browsing and taking your time. Again, the layout of the list of upcoming Jordans is the best because the process isn’t time consuming and you get to see exactly what you want before going to the store to get them.

If you are a regular Jordan shoe customer, then you should test out your knowledge with this app’s quiz. Test your Jordan IQ provides you with ten multiple choice questions and a timer. When you finish the quiz, you can post your score worldwide to see if you have what it takes to be among the top Jordan customers. The app provides you with more info regarding Team Jordan. You can see his lineup that consists of key players like Dwayne Wayde, Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan himself.

If you want to let your friends know about this application, you can share the news via Email while using the Jordans Out app. Also, if you have any doubts you can send an inquiry as well so that you can have the best experience while looking for your next buy. In conclusion, the app is colorful, stylish and is a great idea for people who are on-the-go and want to save a trip to the store to see if new Jordans have come out. The app is only worth 99 cents on the Itunes App Store, which is more than you would spend to check out for new Jordans at the mall. So make your life much easier and get this app ASAP so that you know much more than the stores do.

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