Blacklane is an online ios app which allows booking any cab hassle-freely whenever you need. It may happen that we are in an emergency or in a hurry to attend any meeting, functions, dates or even reaching airports, in these cases, this app will become extremely handy and useful.


The basic feature of the app includes booking any ride seamlessly. The process is reviewed with details below.

Download and installation process : The app is available for ios 7 or later, and it is also compatible with iPad, and iPod touch. First, you need to download the app from Appstore and install it successfully to your device. The app is having a very polished, intuitive, and sophisticated interface. The navigation and the entire flow is quite easy to understand even for a first time user. Once you have installed the app, it will ask to either login or register.

Registration Process : For the first time user, we have to follow the process of signup or registration to the app. This registration process is very quick, simple, and easy. During the registration process, you have to provide the basic details such as First Name, Last Name, Email id, Cell Number etc to complete the signup successfully. You will be also asked to create a password which will be subsequently needed while using the app later .

Login Process : Now we already have the email id and password to login into the app and book the first ride. The login GUI is rich and less complicated.

Booking Your ride : You can actually book your first ride or cab without many hassles. There will be a step by step process guiding you to complete this task. Once you have logged into the app, you will be landed to the page where you can book a cab. The built-in GPS of your device will capture your location details and place it under the pickup location of the app. If you need to modify this address, you will also have the provision of doing so. Anyways, once the pickup location has been fixed, the app will ask you to enter the drop-off location. Once this detail is also entered, we have to set the pickup time and pickup date. After that, you can select the type to the car you want to avail based on your budget and preference. Generally, there are four car options to select such as Business class, Business Van/SUV, First Class, and Economy class.

Payment Information : The app allows the payment through the credit cards. So before placing a booking of any cab, you have to enter valid credit card details and follow the relevant procedures (depending on your bank). After that, you are all set to book your first ride at your preferred time, date, and location. And the driver will soon arrive to pick you up precisely. The contact details of the driver and the information about your booked cab will be notified both by email and SMS.

BlackLane has a collaboration or partnership with high – quality car dealers and expert professional drivers. Their highly-skilled drivers have a strong record of utmost professionalism and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Other Important features of the app :

1. The entire process is cashless, hence you don’t have to worry about local currency.

2. The rate is fixed and there won’t any hidden surprise.

3. The cancellation process is pretty easy. It allows free cancellations up to one hour for one-way rides.

4. It allows one hour complimentary waiting time of airport pickups and 15 minutes complimentary waiting time for other rides.

5.The app interface is intuitive and the entire booking process is smooth, secure, and safe.

6.BlackLane offers this professional car and driver services in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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