Ready to get into an epic and inspiring adventure? It sounds quite fascinating and something worth trying out! Apparently, experiences have been known to expose one to unexpected stunning experience and a perfect moment of learning and understanding new things. Interestingly, kids now have a reason to smile and engage in a fantastic adventurous experience that is brought by the Box Island game. This Award Winning app that gives coding adventure to kids is a product designed by Radiant Games. With its recent update on 1st July 2016, this great app comes with a super fun experience that adopted new features which make it user-friendly to kids besides improving its overall coding gameplay.


How Box Island game works

At first, the kids are introduced to the essential components involved in coding which includes conditional and loops. This exposure of the gameplay is fascinating and fun-filled besides posing a challenge as the player advances to higher levels. The entire setup of this fantastic game revolves around story-oriented levels which give the kids a comprehensive learning experience with a clear focus of inspiring them to think critically. Meanwhile, the game entails about 100 challenging levels that the user will experience during the gameplay; the user gets to play the first 10 levels for free where the other higher levels can be unlocked at the Apps-in purchase. With the further adoption of the amazing 3D-feature, Box Island game proves to be a game to play for kids!

Furthermore, to make this app game accessible to as many kids as possible, it is currently supported in different languages. These include German, English, French, Japanese, Turkish, Spanish, Chinese, Icelandic, Russian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Brazilian, Finnish, Romanian, Danish, Italian and Vietnamese.

The Compatibility of Box Island game

This fantastic game has incorporated high-quality formation which makes it exhibit exceptional performance. With the inclusion of the 3D display feature, this clearly indicates that it can only perform as expected in high-quality devices. Thus, the most recommended tools for this incredible app are iPod Touch, iPod, and iPhone. Besides, this version 2.0.4 of the app operates efficiently with iOS 9.1 or any latest version available.


Here are the amazing features contained in the Box Island app game:

Basic coding techniques for kids

With a great focus on instilling coding knowledge to children, Box Island game exposes them to a series of basic coding. It not only gives kids a fun-filled moment trying them out but also acts as a perfect learning experience. Some of the basic coding integrated includes sequencing, debugging, loops, algorithmic thinking, conditionals and pattern recognition. It is worth trying!

Highly improved gameplay interface

The Radiant Games developers have taken great consideration in redesigning the gameplay interface to make it more user-friendly. The adoption of an intuitive and beautifully simple interface makes it easy and fun for kids to engage with the app.

Well crafted 100 levels to tackle 

The player gets a chance to play the initial 10 levels for absolutely free whereas for the advanced levels; one will be required to make a purchase. There are three profile categories that the player can buy. First is the Master Coder that allows the player to unlock 90 levels at a cost of only $7.99. For the Skilled Coder, it allows up to 50 levels to be unlocked for $5.99. Lastly, the Junior Coder stretches up to 20 levels unlocked for only $2.99.


The 3D visual effect and animation

Getting a close-to-reality display is something that brings great excitement during the gameplay. Box Island game has integrated the 3D model of a display which makes its performance to be exceptionally high. What about the 3D environments? They appear to be well-polished and containing newly integrated scenes! Besides, the beautiful animations especially displayed by the main character, Hiro, make the entire experience fascinating.

Perfect and High-quality sound effects

From the fun sounds expressed by Hiro up to the other songs that have been integrated into the game, it is clear that the kids are going to have a fun and quick moment! Interestingly, the songs appear to be well aligned with the theme of the game thus giving the users a matching preference.

Lively and improved world map roads

This feature has now integrated beautifully designed gates that the players go through as they move along in their learning journey. This makes the entire process quite fascinating especially when the player is graduating from one level to another.

New features?

Besides the integration of the 3D model and fantastic animations, other components added include cinematic story part (leading to the discovery of new tools), redesigned interface, support for about 20 languages, new game songs, new 3D scenes and environments, selection of multiple codes to unlock and improved levels.

Below are the Pros and Cons of the Box Island game:


• Perfect learning experience for kids

• Entertaining and fun-filled moment during the gameplay

• Numerous levels (about 100) keeps the game lively

• High-quality 3D display with fantastic animations improves performance

• Very intuitive and user-friendly thus simple for kids to understand


• Network problem especially when accessing Apps-in purchase

• Slight infrequency in performance due to bugs

Final Verdict

Clearly speaking, Box Island game is an excellent and high performing app that not only display quality output but also gives its users utmost satisfaction. With the integration of user-friendly interface, 3D display, numerous levels and other amazing features, this incredible app is worth downloading. It is now available at App Store for free. Get it today!

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