Keeping in touch with your loved ones is almost a basic necessity for everyone. After all, man is a social animal. This can be a bit risky in the age of privacy leaks happening. Privacy is a growing concern by the day. The Wiper Messenger, an iOS app takes care of this for you. It helps you keep your messages private and your slate clean wipe. The basic idea is that the messenger helps you erase all your messages from your own phone and from your contact’s phone too!


The idea behind Wiper is somewhat like that behind SnapChat but better. It has all the features you could ask for in a messaging app along with the assurance that all your personal data is secure. You are the one who has control about your data. It allows you to send everything using the app- ranging from messages to songs to images and even Bitcoins. You also have the option to send voice notes or make calls. You can shoot videos or edit existing ones by trimming them and send them across too. The receiver must also be on Wiper. The app’s strength lies in the versatility of the media it allows you to send.


Using the app is simple. You need to first create an account with the app. Alternately, you can sign in using your Facebook account. The app will ask for permission for your contacts to access you via Wiper and allow you to view those who are on the app already. With this, you are good to go. To start chatting, you need to just pick a contact and get started.

Sending a variety of media across the app is just a matter of a few minimal taps on your screen. You will not encounter any troubles with anything. Even videos are processed extremely fast and sent across in no time. Each message has a little timer clock along with it. When your contact views the message, this is turned to a check mark indicating the same. All actions made by your contact will be notified to you immediately. This includes message wipes, screenshots and more.


Deleting messages via the app is really easy. Once you are done conversing with a friend, you have to go the ‘info’ tab and click on the option ‘Wipe Conversation History’. With just that much, all messages are deleted from your phone and from the other end as well. When you are not using the chat app, you can still listen to music or play videos from within the app.

Another superb feature of the app is Wiper Film. This is a monthly $4.99 subscription that allows you to gain access to hundreds of films via your Apple TV. You can view them all on your living room TV with ease. There is a revenue share with the film makers that can be paid via the Wiper Bitcoin wallets. The speciality of Wiper lies in its versatility, high quality and multi-function messaging. The best part is that everything is kept highly private.

Good: Wiper Film subscription

Bad: None

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