iTunes developers never disappoint. They are creative and full of surprises. Every day they are creating new creative apps to suit every aspect of life. There is a new iPhone app that recently caught my attention. It is called the Face Race Game.

What is Race My Face ?

Face race is a good procrastinating app that allows users to have fun while doing what can be literaly be called face racing. It is not a car racing app. Face racing is a just about competing who will make the face that corresponds to a request from a competitor for the camera. Face racing has been a age hold way to lighten parties, now you can do it right from your iPhone ! Isn’t this awesome ?


How Does the app work ?

Playing this game is easy. You just make faces for the camera. For example, if you are asked to make a face’ an evil genius hatching a plot’, Then a friend will make the face and other people in the room will vote for the most hilarious face. There is no limit to the number of faces you can make. The app has thousands of unexpected and hilarious expressions you can compete for. You can make faces looking at at he sun, holding a bomb or even holding a gift you do not like. This app will be a big test for your non verbal communication skills. Points are awarded for most votes and speed.

App system requirements

This app can run on all Apple devices apart from the MacBooks. Another system requirement is OS 3.0 and above for the camera.


Features of the App

Allows your friends to vote- This app allows your friends to vote for the most hilarius and funny faces made during the competition. Through this way, points are awarded for the faces with most votes and hose made at the fastest speed.

Easy to Tag photos- When using this app, it is easy to tag Photos of the funny faces you make and share them with your Facebook friends. You can also easily upload them to other social media platforms.

Clear pictures- The App makes great use of your iPhone’s high resolution camera. It takes very high quality images that can be shared across all the popular social media platforms.

Benefits of the App

-This game is very beneficial to drama teachers. Using this app, a drama teacher can train his students how to adapt to different situations with different situations. He can use ideas generated by this app to train his students.

– This app is also a good way to test a persons non verbal communication skills. Non verbal communication is a very important communication skill each person should perfect.
More than 1000 faces- You can never run out of ideas when using this app. It has more than 1000 funnrequests that can be used by players.

This is a very creative game. Apart from being fun to play, it is also a very good way to improve your communication skills and sharpen your instinct. It is also light weight compared to other apple apps. It won’t take much of your precious storage space.

Worth Having App – Download the app