Gin Rummy is a classic American card game which has a basic objective to score points and reach the maximum number of agreed points. The person who reaches the maximum point first, wins the game. Grand Gin rummy game is a platform for one such Gin rummy game where you have several multiplayer options to compete with other players all over the world. The look and feel of the game is very attractive and is designed to give a classic American hotel feel when you play the game. The main objective is to form melds, that means sets of the same rank of cards or runs or card (like 7, 8, 9). Players can knock and win a round, if their cards not used for any meld, their so-called deadwood, counts 10 or fewer points.

The home menu of the game gives you various information including your wallet/chip balance and several game mode options. The game mode options are Quick mode, Classic mode, Oklahoma and Practice mode. The Classic, Quick and Oklahoma modes should be played using the chips whereas the practice mode is played using the energy. The energy will be filled based on your idle time upto a maximum of 50.The home menu also gives you any general notifications about ongoing seasons.


In addition to the Home menu, the Grand Gin Rummy game has a Profile section where you can keep track of your game progress like win ratio, number of matches played, longest win streak, number of matches won, number of Gins, number of Big Gins and number of Undercuts. With this profile information you can easily identify how well you are performing in the game and plan accordingly to sharpen your Gin rummy skills.

The profile section also allows you to customize your alias name which will be displayed to other players in multilayer mode. Users can either login using their Facebook id to ease the profile setup process or they can create their own game profile within the app itself. Considering the privacy of the users the game allows you to select a default image if you decided not to use your Facebook photo as your game profile picture.


Playing with friends is always fun. Since the grand Gin Rummy is going to be integrated with Facebook, (soon you ll get this feature, they are under process) so that you can very well invite your friends to try out this game and compete with you. There are several advantages in having more friends like you can earn free chips in the form gifts from friends and even the game allows you to send daily gifts to your friends. Sending and receiving gifts is very easy, just go to the gifts menu and select the friend you want to send gifts. Similarly the gift section allows you to accept gifts from your friends. This is one such easy way to keep you away from running out of chips.

If you are so much addicted and if you are out of chips, then the game provides several options for you to purchase chips to be active in the games. They often provide several bonus offers, but normally the in-app chip purchase options are available from $0.99. Additionally they provide options to fill the energy by chiming another $0.99 to play the practice games.

Pros: Look and feel of a classic American hotel is great plus for this game and the lack of advertisements makes it sweeter.

Cons: Although the game offers several ways to get free chips, the in-app purchase of $0.99 for just 200 chips looks way too pricy. Also $0.99 for filling the energy of 50 to play the practice games is a bit too much. The developers should consider to allow users to purchase the energy once and practice for lifetime to attract more users.

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