Fling is the new way to spread your message. The iOS app developed by Unii gets your message across to an unknown receiver. Yes, you heard it right! Anything that you’d send from this platform won’t have the address slip. The message at first would be sent to 50 random people who then will have the option to ignore it completely, reply back or Re-Fling it.


In case they ignore it, your message will die out very soon. But if they find it appealing, they might reply back to your message. It will be a private conversation and you can carry on the conversation from thereon. Remember that your personal information is secured and won’t be accessible to anyone. However, you can share your phone number later in the private conversation.


The most interesting part is the Re-Fling. It means that your message will sent out further for others to read. This chain makes sure that spam messages don’t get spread out and only the good ones finally make it to the other side of the road. The more a message gets Re-Fling, the more followers you can expect for your page. These followers will get your Flings directly and therefore expands your reach.

Now, what type of message is a Fling? According to the dictionary of the developers, it can be anything: text, image or video. So if you want to share your first day at office or your recent visit to Hawaii, the world is waiting to hear your stories. But as I said, make sure these stories are interesting and worth a Re-Fling. Otherwise, all your effort would be lost locally.


Fling is International. So when you first log on to your Dashboard, it’s normal to find messages from China via USA to Australia. Each message shows the number of times it has been Re-Fling and therefore helps you filter the popular messages from the rest. But you never know if the bottom of the pile actually suits your taste. So if you have time, do check out all of them.

The app has been designed neatly without any extra wings created just to show-off. It keeps everything sorted out and you can access all the messages effortlessly. You can also open profile of a particular person and find out how many followers he/she already has. If you like what you see, following him is the next step.

So overall, I’d say that Fling is a quick way to spread your message. While there are many other social networking platforms, here your message will survive only when it’s been liked. It’s not like “reading with eyes closed” and then hitting the “like” button. Moreover, the feed you receive is quite interesting. A new place to hang out guys!

The app is available for free in the App Store.

Pros: neatly designed interface; reply back and start a new conversation with strangers; Re-Fling; international random messages; free.

Cons: none.

I give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Worth Having App – Download the App