: In today’s time everyone wants to reach their respective right audience. For that people take support of social media’s& other online platforms. To make it more convenient, Applink comes into the market.

The main purpose of this app is to share, save & like links. In this way, bloggers & business website owners can avail this app for their promotion. This app could be used by anyone. It provides a way to gain more audience in a secure way.

Key features of AppLink:

  • Option to make multiple folders: To keep your stuff safe & arrange them in a systematic manner, it’s having an option of different folders that you can create.
  • Color choice: To give the right color to your folder, there is choice selecting any color using the rainbow pallet.
  • Monitoring of link: Links are monitored by moderate content which prevents adult websites.
  • Tags for easy search: With the help of tags, you can easily search & find others.
  • Searching: To find anything as per your interest, just search it using the magnifier symbol.
  • Editing of link: You could easily edit the link.
  • Customized: As per your choice, you can change the setting from public to private.
  • Good user interface: The UI of this app is awesome. Its user friendly and easy to understand.

How to use it?

The using of this application is quite simple. Just install the app and upload your link. Initially, the link will be set to the public automatically. It is because you people need to here you. The public links will be available on the main page if the application. For others to find it easy, just tag your link. Within the metadata of HTML source, this app could find the tags within the HTML source.

For saving any link, just tap on the heart icon. If any user like your public link you will be get notified.

Availability: The app is available on the App store for iOS platform.

Plans: There is FREE plan in which there is a limitation of uploading 3 links/month. In the premium plan, this feature will be unlocked.

Last words:

Applink is like a boon for those who like to share the favrouite songs, receipts, videos, songs etc. Just upload your link and avail the great way of reaching your audience. It’s the right choice.  

Summary: AppLink is a mobile app that provides the way to reach the right audience for the URL

  • Features: 4.5
  • Graphics: 5
  • Usability: 5
  • Usability: 4.5

Worth Having App – Download the AppWebsite link