Often, when you capture your precious memories, you aren’t satisfied with the result of your clicks. Although there are many photo-editing apps and software available, none of them seem to be good enough to give you the right kind of effect at times. This is when the iOS app inStatus shall come to your rescue. Just let your creativity flow and make your photos glow with amazing effects and edits. Also, you can share your end results easily with all your friends.


With inStatus, there is not limit to your creativity. With the photos edited with this app, you will end up being the sensation and the talk on social networks. Hearing this, you would think that working on this app would require a lot of skill. This is not so at all. Using this app could not have got easier.

The best part about inStatus is that it allows you to do so much with your photos. You can add text to a photo. This text could be your own or you can also select it from the huge collection of random quotes available on this app. To get a random ‘deep and funny quote’, you only have to shake your iOS device. To add your unique touch to your words, you can even add your signature to it. After adding text, you  also have a wonderful collection of background and style templates. Along with this, you can also highlight words. To do all of this, you just need a single tap of your finger!


inStatus is not limited to creating lovely photos only. It allows you to adjust the font, color, size and even the alignment of your text. Editing on this app is extremely simple and just anyone can do it with ease. The font collection is simply splendid and you can choose from a wide variety to get just the most perfect one to enhance the mood of your photos. There are 89 fonts and more than 100 colors for you to choose from.  If you are a creative person, then this app also allows you to add more than one layer to your clicks. The possibility of what you can do with layers is mind-blowing in its enormity.

Once you have put in your heart and soul into your photos with inStatus, you can also share your edited splendid creations with everyone on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. For the time being, direct sharing of photos on Facebook is disabled but you can save images and share them on Facebook in the usual manner. If you want to make sure that your photo is just what you need, then you can also preview it before publishing it. This can be done just by swiping a finger across your screen.


All this editing can be done for free with this great app. If you wish to explore more of it, then you also have some in-app purchases that will unlock more backgrounds, fonts and features that aren’t available in the free version of the app. You can ring your social networks and timeline to life with this app. If you wish to merge your photography with colorful and meaningful text, then inStatus is definitely among the best for this.

Good: Excellent font and template collection along with great editing options

Bad: None

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App Rating :  *  *  *  *  *

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