Zombies from the land of the dead are here to take over Shinjuku, an area in Tokyo. They will seep out all life from the place. They must be stopped before death shadows the place. Luckily, there is one way to stop them. Their weakness if sushi, which happens to be their favorite food. The sushi ninja reports that the zombies satiate themselves with the most scrumptious and delicious sushi before they move into afterlife. The iOS app ‘Sushi! Ninja! Zombies!’ requires you to save the world from the zombies, tapping on their one weakness.


With this legend as the background, the players decide to take advantage of this weakness of the zombies. To exploit it, you are given complete control over the expert of sushi making- Master of EdomaeRyuninjutsu. Team up with him and make the most splendid sushis, only to use them to attack the zombies by throwing them at the zombies.


To make the game further interesting, there are many types of sushi plates. The White ones help shoot the zombies in no time. Your master weapon is the Gold Sushi Plate or Ikura. These are master rage weapons that will explode after being thrown, killing all zombies around it. It is the sushi equivalent of a bomb indeed. You can also enhance your attacks by clubbing more than one sushi plate of the same kind. Based on how well you do this, the result can be quite disastrous for the zombies. The sushi ninja always makes random sushi plates.

To add to the challenge, there are two types of zombies to keep you engaged. The green zombie is the typical zombie that walks extremely slowly. They are relatively less scary but some of them have high durability. The blue zombie, on the other hand, walks fast with stealthy moves. Once they start moving, it is hard to catch them.

You have no sushi plates to waste. At a given time, you are allowed to stock only up to 16 plates.   Once you run out of stock, you can replenish them or Nigiri. To Nigiri, you merely have to hold down the Nigiri and tap a few times. The tapping is to be done with double fingers. You can hold the Nigiri bar to see the layers of rice balls as well. With this, you can cook delicious delicate sushi plates in no time.


The real challenge lies not in saving up your sushi collection but in attacking the zombies. There are an immense number of them and the player has to defeat every one of them while the clock is ticking. The time you have is limited and very precious. Continuous zombie attack could take away all your time, leading to ‘Game Over’.

This iOS app has been designed quite well indeed with good graphics and a user-friendly interface. The depictions of the characters do catch one’s eye. It is a free app compatible with iOS devices having iOS 5.0 or higher. If you like challenges and are up for a unique one, then Sushi! Ninja! Zombies! byEuphoros, Inc. is sure to catch your fancy.

Good: Concept and gameplay

Bad: The number of sushi plates that can be hoarded is limited to 16 only.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App