If are you a YouTube freak or a Youtuber, then Trigga could be your best cup of tea. The app is made for casting the Youtube alarm. Additionally, you can also launch into any game or the other app. Like this, a user could easily get the notification in the morning for the Youtube video.

The app easily connecting your alarm to the Youtube channel. Like this it will notify the user about a new content of the Youtube.

Trigga Features:

  • Option to auto cast to the device like a phone, loft display, loft TV.
  • Weather notification option that notifies you about the daily weather condition
  • A user could follow the favourite YouTube channel
  • It supports automated casting to the devices like Google Home hub, chromecast devices, amazon echo.
  • Cool graphics that offer the best experience of accessing
  • Good user-interface
  • Different kinds of vibrating patterns
  • Sharing option from which you could share on different social platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. 

How to use it?

You just need to log in with your email ID. After that for your favourite Youtube channel. Set the alarm as per your desired time and day. After that, your alarm will ring accordingly. For the better user, you need to connect it to the wifi. Within the Trigga alarm clock app, select the autocast in the setting.

This app is also useful for Youtubers who want to get connected with audiences. For those who are interested in promotion or the partnership must go with this app. For the optimal use, kindly keep your internet connection on.

When you will dismiss the alarm, Trigga will launch the routine app. You can select the chromecast device that you want your alarms to play on.The app is useful for your daily use.

Special about the app:

This app is not only used for Youtube video alarm but it also useful as a reminder. Also, you could easily use to launch any app or any game. For those who don’t have much Youtube experience, this app could be wonderful. It gives out many options like game, media, weather or the organisation.

Availability of the app:

The application is available on the Play store for the Android platform.


Trigga is an awesome app that provides the best platform of alarming & get notified for YouTube or weather. Now daily start your new day with Trigga. Thanks for reading.

Summary: Trigga is a mobile app that offers the platform of Youtube alarm. The main purpose is to automate the caste alarm for games & apps.

  • Usability: 4.5
  • Accessibility: 5
  • Features: 4.5
  • Graphics: 4.5

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