Chatting is one of the most widely used modes of communication today. It is a vital part of the entire mobile industry and social networking where this text speech sometimes speaks more than the voice. It has its own unique taste as the conversation is more thoughtful and logical. But as a good rapper is nothing without his use of similes and metaphor; a piece of text is not meaningful until and unless it consists of some emoticons. These emoticons not only add a beautiful finish to the overall text but also let you express your feelings in a better way. So, just like you can bend any line in any direction with the appropriate word, why not to have the same controls over these emoticons?


CogniFit MoodCraft is the new iOS app that has been developed by CogniFit. The developers themselves have some more apps running in the App Store. You can check them out as well. Our present app is a very simple tool to create different emoticons. Of course, most of them are already available during chatting. But creating your own is a different thing. It’s like you have control over everything and you don’t have to rely on the ones provided to you.


The sketch tool of the app consists of different face elements. These consist of eyes, eyebrows, mouth and some other accessories. There are different sections for each one of them where you can select any of the given elements. Therefore, you can make hundreds of different combinations choosing one or the other. Apart from that, there is an accessory section as well where you can decorate your emoticons with some additional items such as goggles, set of horn, etc. While some of these accessories are free, some are paid and can be purchased via in-app purchases.


The app is integrated with many social tools and in fact, the basis of creating all these emoticons is sharing them with others. You can post these emoticons as your Facebook status. You can tag your friends if you want them to be a part of it. You can also see all the emoticons in which you are tagged and find out what your friends think of you. Other than that, the app has a in-built community where you can find your friends and other users. You can see all the new emoticons posted and see your contribution on the profile page.


The app is available for free in the App Store but I would suggest that this app is limited to some of the users. This is because most of the emoticons are already available on the web and some even don’t like these emoticons to be a part of their status and use only symbols for them. So, I still doubt the usability of the app if any. But if you like it, you can download it now for free.

Pros: intuitive UI; integrated social features; free.

Cons: limited utility.

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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