Choosing the apt theme for your mobile background is a way in which many of us express ourselves. This especially has a lot attention and popularity among the young crowd. When you are interested in personalizing your iPhone,iPad’s or iPod’s with fresh and attractive wall papers, but not interested in going through the trouble of developing themes, then Pimp!t is a perfect app for you. This app is developed and launched by Turbulenz Visuals. Pimp!t helps you create new wallpaper designs without much effort and also in a lightning speed.

The wall papers which are created using this app are of extremely high quality. A Pimp!t app user can create his or her own outstanding wall papers and they can share it with the other app users, but hold on! You just can’t simply upload any wallpaper there are many limitations for your art work to be selected and added to the most beautiful collection of works that are available within this app. This app has a huge collection of app shelves, icon skins and range of wallpaper collections which you can use to personalize your phone by mixing and matching the contents. There is also an option where you can browse through a wide collection of the user – templates from which you can draw inspiration and also put it into direct use.


  • Pimp!t offers customization of t your wall paper in a new way.
  • This app is very easy to use and handle, at the same time fun is guaranteed.
  • Since the users are allowed to share their wallpaper collections with the other users it is one of the biggest, largest and at the same times the fastest growing collection of fresh designs.
  • You can easily create your wall paper from the three categories they are the icon skins, backdrops and app shelves. If you want to switch the categories you can just swipe above and below.
  • If you want to choose wallpapers that are complete and ready for usage, you can just browse through the user created sections of wall papers.
  • The unique feature in this app is that it offers the Thumbnail option where you are free to scroll through the list and click on an option only when you like it. This helps you to save a lot of time instead of just random browsing.
  • The app also offers weekly updates with stunning new elements; this eliminates the need to update the app constantly.


Good – The app allows you to browse through the user creations and offers an extra ordinary collection of wall papers leaving the users difficult to choose between them, because they may like many of them.

Bad – The one bad thing about the app is that you will not be able to mark your favorites, which might have been a very easy option to browse back later.

Pimp!t is a very interesting and fun app for those who are interested in personalizing and styling your iPhone and iPad backgrounds. This extra ordinary app is available for download at the App Store at a very reasonable price of just $0.99

Apps400 Rating :   *  *  *  *

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