Asya is certainly something that’s so much different on the App Store and Play Store, which is always refreshing to experience these days. Asya is short for Anastasiya which is meaning restoring to life. In other words it is like water and gives life to our relationships, conversations and our love to each other. So you can grow your personal charisma and presence with this app. Asya is relationship app that gives simple habits for couple, so they can be Happy, Healthy and Strong.

It is noted that similar to how fitness trackers give you real-time feedback on your performance during and after a workout, Asya listens to your voice and provides analytics on the way you interact with others. You can also monitor your listening skills, the brevity of your speech, pace, pauses and emotions in your voice in order to be more present and reach your personal goals in communication.

People need just to open the app on their phone, and put it on any surface while you’re talking to the partner. Asya is an app for couples who wish to strengthen their relationships through Mindful conversations or parents and children.

They are also great for team leaders in the workplace environment, and people who want to improve their charisma and communication skills with self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Important Features of Asya

  • Improve your personal presence with awareness training
  • Listening feedback — learn to listen
  • Pace feedback — learn to speak slower & calmer
  • Brevity feedback — learn to speak shorter
  • Pauses feedback — learn the art of silence and pauses
  • Tips by Asya — you can improve your skills with simple tips based on your metrics
  • Weekly stats — you can build habits of mindful conversations throughout the week

The other Benefits for Couples & Family with this app are – one can build trust & build empathy. You can also develop meaningful conversations and improve relationships quality. Also it is possible to improve emotional well-being. While key benefits for workplace are respectively as one can practice communicate effectively, improve team emotional well-being, and develop an environment of trust and altogether resolve conflict situations.

There are several advantageous for Self-development like improving your listening skills, improving your personal charisma, Master brevity — speak with shorter, lower social anxiety and eventually becoming the most kind & positive person. More importantly this ethical AI approach professionally ensures the appropriate meta-data is used to give users useful and highly secure feedback.

How it works?

Begin conversation by placing asya near you on a table so that the microphone can pick up your voices. While speaking, stay aware of what you say.  Speak with positivity tone, be a good listener to see the conversation bloom. Finally become a better version of yourself and learn from asya AI feedback.

Thus by having meaningful conversation with thousands of topics and getting real-time feedback about your emotions and other metrics from your voice — powered with ethical artificial intelligence. It is possible to build your personal charisma. Moreover you can also learn from audio coaching and practice journaling workouts to develop yourself and your relationship with each other in better way.


As a fan of asya — Mindful Conversations app it is definitely one I’m going to be keeping around on my devices. The features are qualitative, especially with many unique aspects.