Space Mathematics integrates the process of learning math with fun filled adventures in outer space. Learning basic mathematical functions could not get easier than this. Every child can learn multiplication tables by just using this iPhone and iPad app for about 2 hours each day. It drills them into their heads such that it shall stay in there for all their life.

Space Mathematics is an enterprisingly entertaining math-based app which blends the various aspects of mathematics with an action-packed game in outer space. The players have to battle out their way by destroying meteorites to keep our Earth safe. It is highly interactive and encourages mathematical skills. It is the perfect head start for children in mathematics.

The most basic skills in mathematics, namely multiplication and division have been made entertaining like never before. And what is more, you can adjust its settings to suit the learning level of your child, thereby making it an app for children of all age groups. There are two versions- a Lite version and a complete paid version. For quick treats for kids, the Lite version is simply perfect while the app can be completely and fully enjoyed with the complete paid version.

In Space Mathematics, children are required to save our planet from meteorites by shooting rockets at them. With more accurate calculation, this mission of saving the earth can be completed much faster. For beginners of the game, there is a training that will gear students at first and arm them with skills and experience before they move on to the real game. There are 3 levels, each of requires quick answers to launch rockets that will destroy the meteorites to save the earth.

This app is true to its task of education in mathematics. It has been custom designed for the needs of kids. There are intuitive swipe-based controls which every kid can handle without any assistance from parents. The structure and design makes the game highly simplified for kids to play and makes it fun to learn mathematics from. There is a wide array of games for kids to choose from in the process of learning. It makes the process of learning a hands on process. The artwork in intricate and vivid, with ingenious exercises that help children take their skills to higher levels. The graphics are bright and colorful with amazing sound effects and music that will interest kids. It is made for children that learn through visual learning and also from multiple senses. With a Herculean mission to save the earth, most kids will be immediately interested in this app and will be motivated to improve their mathematics skills tremendously.

The Space Mathematics app has been created by Rucarta, a group of professional school teachers. It is available in four languages- English, German, Russian and French so that children can choose the language of their convenience to learn mathematics. It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPod touch- 3rd and 4th generation and iPad with iOS 4.0 or later. There is no app at par with it when it comes to teaching basic mathematical skills of multiplication and division.

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