Ninja- the word itself signifies so much to the present generation. However, with all the lure of being a ninja comes the hard work that goes into becoming one. There are numerous levels of rigorous training that one has to undergo in order to emerge as a true ninja. One among these is the bubble riding training. Being trapped in a bubble that can easily bounce off surfaces is not as easy as it sounds. The iOS app Ninflated is here to help you out with that.


You are in complete control of Nin and have to traverse the Ninja Training Tower. The tricky part of the tower is when you switch from one floor to another. At each floor, the controls change. Hence, getting used to a set of controls is not an option available to you. Unless you are quick at adapting to various circumstances and dealing with them adequately, you are unfit to be a ninja. Changing as per changing circumstances is an essential quality of any ninja.


nin22To make things harder, there are a set of inverted levels. In these, dragging left causes Nin to move to the right and dragging up causes Nin to move down. This reversal of directions tests your ability to face unique circumstances unlike those already available. This, again, is something a ninja needs to be capable of.

While the game might seem easy to pick up, it is indeed tough to master. The controls have been limited to basic tap and drag. This simplicity of controls, combined with the challenge of constantly changing controls makes the game more challenging. While the easy controls act as an incentive to get started on the game, the challenge keeps you going until the end. You just have to make sure that you do not hit the ceiling during the course of the game.


The more you play the game, the more the challenge gets to you. So much so that you will find yourself addicted to it in almost no time. Compare your scores with those of your friends and see where you stand. There’s always a scope of improvement that can be manifested in terms of the increase of scores. Compete not only with yourself but also with yourself to get the highest scores.

The user interface and the background have both been kept simple and neat. This keeps the users from getting distracted, enabling them to focus on the mission at hand. With the easy controls, users of all ages can enjoy the game to the fullest, while getting addicted sooner than they can imagine.

Ninflated is a simple app that tests your memory and reflexes. If you think you have an advantage of either over your friends, then prove it to them by training to be a ninja. It is available for the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone having iOS 6.0 or higher. Available for free in the App Store, it is an app that you must download if you like taking on new challenges and testing your abilities.

Good: Switching controls

Bad: None

I will Give 4.5 Out of 5

Worth Having Application –  Download the App