Everybody loves to take off from their regular work and travel to any location at least once during a year, so that they can spend time with their family and friends and also have some relaxation for one’s own self good. When we decide to travel to any place we tend to search online in order to get the information about the place itself, where to visit, what are the important places that has to be seen within the time frame and many things like that.  Just think how nice it would be if there are people who live at the place or who has visited previously gives you information about that place. This will be like having some friend or relative at your travel destination who would give a better idea about that place, so that you will be able to enjoy that place in a better way. Tourist link.com is a web app which helps the travelers to do this in a large scale, it is a social site for all the travelers where they can just sign up and get great information about the many locations all around the world and also the great deals and offers at these places.


  • Handy information about the places you travel, which will help you to enjoy the travel more.
  • Information about the tourist destinations will be shared by the reliable people who have been to that places already or local guides.
  • You can easily see if any member has planned any travel and can gather information like where they have booked the hotels, the price, the place they visit and many more.
  • People in this social site will help you plan your trip in a more unique way, rather than your trip which is scheduled by a travel agent who hasn’t been to that place and who is just trying to sell his tour packages.
  • This web app also has an extraordinary feature where a local guide will help you to travel throughout the place and also at a very reasonable cost. This will result in a more fulfilling experience than done by the professional tourist guides.
  • The site lists the best tourist packages offered by the locals, where each of such packages will be related to the profile of the people or the provider who offers that package.
  • You can easily get a list of the top attractions of the place you are going to visit from a very reliable source.
  • The site helps you to find out the answers for all your travel questions and you can get the first hand information.
  • You can share your travel experiences so that the members in the site will get benefited.
  • When you wanted to make a group travel / group booking you can always meet new people so that you will know your traveling companion and it will be easy for you to enjoy your travel.


Touristlink.com is like a social network for travelling where anyone can create a profile and can directly interact with the travelers instead of going through an agent. This is the best place where you can get up to date information and make the right and affordable choices.

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