Playing games is the perfect way to enhance the dopamine in your brain and to take a break from the more serious sides of life. This app is one of the greatest things I’ve found because now I can be working on my tasks and when I get to stressed I can pop over to the app and have some fun as well as earn some extra money.

The app first features a grid of downloadable games. Each one looks appealing and you’ll find you want to try each game. Not only because each one looks fun to play but also because of the tantalizing desire to win some cash! So as soon as your ready to play you just click on your favorite game and it will download. As soon as it downloads your ready to spend some pleasurable time and compete with fellow players. Your ready to win some cash!

But of course its not just about the money, the cool thing about ozoneplay is the tournament format of the play. It gives you a incentive to do your best. If you like competing against others then this is a perfect opportunity to improve your skills with others.

You will be able to track the results of the tournaments that you play in. Add friends along the way and compete one on one with them. You can send invites to play against them or other people that have the app.

Once you have played and won cash you can head over to your ‘E-Wallet’ where you will be able to see how much money you have banked and how much can be withdrawn when your ready.

A few of the featured games that I recommend checking out is the ‘Basket-Ball-Jam’ game that is a quick game that you shoot basket balls into the hoop and try score as many as you can! There are a many more to try. The most important thing to realize is that you can make a good amount of money if you dedicate a good amount of time to these games. If you can then go for it!

The process involved in signing up, picking a game and then playing your heart out is very streamlined and allows you to be able to get rewarded for having fun. Its the perfect way to have a break from whatever you are doing as your main activity and have fun and earn extra cash.

You start of with a free 5 dollars to spend as an entry fee for whatever game for cash you want to participate in. However you don’t need to always play for cash. You can play for free and practice as much you like before entering the for money tournaments etc. So my recommendation is to download the app and play it to practice a game every time you need a break from work. Then when your ready take one of the for money games and you will have a very high chance of earning some money today!

Worth Having app – Download the App